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12 Comics That Are Too Relatable If You Live With Anxiety

Whether it’s writing, painting, singing or drawing, creative outlets can be important to many people living with anxiety. When you make art about your anxiety, not only does it let others know they aren’t alone in their experiences — it also can get (at the very least) some of the anxious energy out of your head.

To highlight some amazing artists who draw about mental health, we put together some of our favorite comics you might be able to relate to if you live with anxiety. Some might make you laugh, some may hit too close to home — but we’re sure at least a few will resonate with you.

1. Introvert Doodles

2. SandSerif

3. Beth Evans

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4. Sow Ay

Another genius.

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5. rubyetc

Singing also good to regulate breathing, I find. Tricky through tears but totally possible.

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6. Nervous Comics

7. Mark Freeman

8. Owlturd Comics

9. The Awkward Yeti 

We had a good run

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10. Jin Wicked

anxiety comic

11. Gemma Correll

Just a polite reminder to credit artists when you repost artwork! Thanks ❤️ #worrierpose #yoga

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12. Chuck Draws Things

hmmmm…….. #pigeons #anxiety

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Are there any comics you would add?