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17 Memes That Perfectly Describe Living With Anxiety During the Holidays

While there’s nothing funny about experiencing anxiety during the holidays, sometimes people use humor to share how they’re feeling in a funny and relatable way.

Maybe you’re feeling anxious about attending your office holiday party. Or maybe the thought of answering invasive mental health questions from family members makes you want to hide.

Whatever your situation may be, humor can definitely be a powerful coping tool to manage anxiety. Because of this, we pulled together a list of holiday-themed anxiety memes we thought you might enjoy.

1. When someone asks you what gift you’d like to receive:

overthink meme
via @themotionmachine Tumblr

2. When holiday anxiety takes you on the ride of your life:

emotional rollercoaster meme
via @mytherapistsays Instagram

3. When you’re struggling to get into the “holiday spirit”:

napping meme
via @mytherapistsays Instagram

4. When you get caught ignoring the anxiety-inducing calls from your relatives:

you've got a missed call meme
via @mytherapistsays Instagram

5. When you’re forced to socialize with your co-workers at the office holiday party:

one does not simply interact with people
via Memecenter.com

6. When you somehow get wrangled into hosting a holiday party:

7. When anxiety makes you feel unlovable and grandma asks why you never date:

asks about singleness meme

8. When you’re tryna prioritize self-care:

i should probably do shopping for the family meme
via @mytherapistsays Instagram

9. When your anxiety cares zero percent about social etiquette:

10. When someone notices your anxiety and asks you what’s wrong:

what's wrong with you meme
via @dankmemeuniversity Tumblr

11. When anxiety makes you alarmingly aware of how single you are:

single meme
via @arandomthot Tumblr

12. When you’re secretly hoping someone will ask how you’re really doing:

hows the good boy meme
via Me.me

13. When you’re trying to practice mindfulness while you’re anxious:

mindfulness meme
via animalmemes.com

14. When your anxiety is rising but you try to play it cool:

no worries meme
via @mytherapistsays Instagram

15. When you’re making travel arrangements and keep thinking of every worst-case scenario:

what if it happens meme anxiety
via @mytherapistsays Instagram

16. When your family somehow found out about your anxiety diagnosis:

whale this is awkward meme
via Quickmeme.com


17. And of course, when your relatives give you helpful anxiety “advice”:

anxiety is cured meme
via Dank Meme University Tumblr

Can you relate?