Dear Doc, Please Don't Give Up on Finding Answers for My Child

Dear Doc,

It’s been a week. Seven days since we noticed her little head was hot. Seven days since she became clingier than normal. Seven days since she began to cry at all hours of the day and night.

Seven days since she stopped eating.

Seven days.

She’s been drinking though — so you declare her to be OK.

“As long as she’s drinking.”

No matter that she lost more than half a pound already.

No matter that she is severely upset for most of the day and night.

No matter that she is now becoming less than the third percentile. Again.

No matter.

“She always picks up.” You say.

Maybe. Maybe with a new medication, with the tube, or with another change of diet. Maybe.

“Those viruses are brutal right now.”

Just like they were last Spring? Yes, they must be. But when will we agree this is more than just another virus?

When will these weight losses and sicknesses and the pain start lighting up any light bulbs? Light bulbs of answers.

“I am so sorry.”

I know, doc. I know you don’t know what else to say. I know you are at a loss. The best thing you know at this point is viruses. I know. And you’ve already done so much. So much for our little girl. And for us, as a family.

But doc, I wish you knew more. I truly wish you knew more.

Please don’t give up.

Don’t be done with this case quite yet. Don’t give up on our little girl. Please doc.

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