Is There a Correlation Between Fibromyalgia and Emotional Sensitivity?

OK, so I have a bit of a chicken and egg one for you to think about here. Does our fibromyalgia make us hypersensitive or does being hypersensitive leave us vulnerable enough to bring on fibro?

First, to clarify: when I say “hypersensitive,” I mean more in an emotional sense than physical. Of course extreme pain will make us sensitive, just as a whole body that’s full of sensitivities and intolerances could leave us open to stress-induced fibro. However, for the purposes of this piece, I am focusing on the emotional, the psychological, the subconscious, the spiritual – basically hypersensitivity on a soul level more than a corporeal one. I’m interested in how the two aspects of my day-to-day experience could be connected because as I continue on my journey of meeting and talking to fellow fibro warriors, it strikes me how many of us identify as artists, empaths, intuitive people and the like.

Some of you will be able to say definitively which came first for you based upon when you were diagnosed or started having symptoms. Others, myself included, will feel they have either been born with their fibromyalgia or were genetically predisposed. For me, the pain and fatigue go back as far as I can remember. And then further according to my parents who recall me having sleep problems, fatigue and lots of injuries of the muscles/soft tissues even as a small child. I couldn’t tell you whether this points to a genetic predisposition or whether (as my lovely mum believes) being the second born twin and being in distress during the time of my birth was significant enough to bring it on in a similar way to those of us who fibro finds after an accident or emotional trauma. Either way, if you’re unable to pinpoint a time and cause/catalyst for your fibro, you might have some theories to share.

As well as always having fibromyalgia, I have also always been more artistic, open (hearted and minded) and empathic than most. Altogether these are just some of the components that make me who I am, but I do seem to encounter so many others who share with me these characteristics, as well as a diagnosis. I’m inclined to think that the fibro is a genetic predisposition for me and the rest are happy little side effects, but I do change my thoughts on it from time to time, hence my posing the question here. Perhaps there is no first, and they’re just intrinsically linked. Who knows? Not me. I just ask the questions!

Whatever your opinions and experiences are, I’d like to give a shout out and a gentle high five to all of the other super-sensitives out there. Keep on fighting, keep on creating and keep on being your artsy and mysterious selves!

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