If You Feel Like Giving Up on Life, Read This

If you’re reading this now, you may be looking for hope, or a sign, maybe something to show you recovery is possible. I’m here to tell you all of these things exist, and they are out there for you. I know it’s hard because struggling with any kind of mental illness is not easy — but you are still here. You are fighting, day in and day out you are fighting two battles. One on the outside, getting through daily life like every other person, and one on the inside.

It’s not an easy thing to fight two battles. Trust me, I know. I’ve been there — in a similar place to you.

Mental illness has posed a daily battle for me. I’ve been through it all, and for all the times I fell down and thought life was over, I rose higher. I got up again and again, and I kept fighting. I kept going, and you need to keep going.

Put one foot in front of the other. What helps me on the days I want to give up is having faith there will be a better day. The sun will always rise, I promise. I know it feels like you’re broken down, and worthless, and crumbling into nothing, but you need to have faith and hold onto hope. Hope will get you far. Hope is what saved my life.

In the pits of my mental illness, I thought it was all over. I couldn’t see my value, and I couldn’t imagine seeing the sun rise the next morning.

The most important tip I can give you, as silly as it sounds is: Breathe. Take a deep breath, and let it all out. A few very helpful breathing exercises in my mental health toolbox, are box breathing and breath counting. Also, do not hold everything in. Talking to someone close to you, whoever it is, is always a good tool. Reach out, I guarantee no one who loves you will turn you away.

Lastly, you are strong. You are going to get through this. You need to be gentle with yourself. One last thing that really helps me is, saying the words I wish to hear out loud. I’ll tell myself “I love you. You are going to be OK. This will not end you.” This may sound strange or odd, but it truly helps me when I am feeling hopeless and alone.

Hold your own hand, guide yourself through this. Reach out, talk to anyone, and if you haven’t heard it today: You need to keep going. This is your sign to keep going. I believe in you. 

Getty Images photo via Mary Jirovaya

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