When Your Life Is Full of Little Victories Only You Notice

It is Christmas Day. It is also a Friday, which means I have made it to the end of another week. My life, which to me doesn’t seem worth living the majority of the time, is full of little victories.

Secret victories only I notice.

This has got me thinking. How many people in our lives are living days full of secret victories? My life to a “healthy” mind looks ideal. Yet, I am struggling to keep myself alive.

I can think of numerous people whose lives don’t even seem great to me, and in a moment, everyone else’s life looks a lot more ideal than mine. So this is saying something. Yet, they haven’t given up. Suicide hasn’t been the answer to those nagging questions in their mind, but who knows to what depth they have been tempted. They carry on and carry a load their world may never know about.

We don’t know each others’ struggles unless we share those struggles. My eyes have been opened. Survival. It’s a secret victory.

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