My Oath to Nurses

I promise I will never forget how hard you work for hours on end, without a complaint.

I promise I will never forget how thankful I am when you advocate for me while I’m stuck in a hospital bed.

I promise I will always remember that even though you’ve witnessed some of the hardest things, you keep doing your job with grace.

I promise to try and be patient and understanding if you can’t help me right away. You are overworked and underpaid.

I promise I will appreciate every single warm blanket you give me.

I promise I will never take for granted the little things you do to make me feel more comfortable.

I promise I will never forgot the hard nights I had when you were
able to spend time in my room talking to me and letting me vent to you.

I promise I will always treat you with respect. I’m sure you deal with enough
ungrateful patients who mistreat you on a weekly basis. I will always say thank you.

I promise I will remember all the times you made me smile or laugh while it was hard for me to do so.

I promise I will never forget the times you stand up for me. You’re the one
who sees me most and gets to know me best. When you see something
going wrong and step in and help, you make me feel like I’m not alone.

I promise to remember that you’re human too, and can have bad days.

I promise to always appreciate the less glamorous things you do as part
of your job, and I thank you for making me feel comfortable as you do

I promise to be thankful when you come check up on me, even though I know you’re swamped with work and running around.

I promise I will never forget the years of hard work and commitment you dedicated to getting your degree.

I promise you will always remain heroes in my heart because of your hard
work and dedication to making your patients feel comfortable –despite
incredibly long hours. It doesn’t go unnoticed.

I promise to shout out into the world the truth about nurses and their importance.

I promise to never forget that nurses are a special breed of human like no other.

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Image Credits: Michelle Auerbach

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