If Your Illness Means You Basically Live in Pajamas, These 13 Memes Are for You

Living with a chronic or mental illness can often mean a lot of days spent at home – and when you don’t plan to leave the house that day, why wear anything other than your comfiest and coziest pajamas?

Whether you’re running too low on energy to put on clothes, have sensitive skin that can only stand to touch the softest fabrics or simply feel comforted by the feel of your favorite jammies, PJs can be a lifesaver on difficult health days.

For those of you who feel like you spend more days in pajamas than “real” clothes because of health issues, this one goes out to you. Being stuck in bed isn’t fun, but hopefully the following memes can bring a smile to your face or, at the very least, remind you that you’re not alone.


didn't change out of pajamas all day, don't have to change into pajamas
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another wild saturday night... with cat lying on the couch wearing cookie monster footsie pajamas and holding a plate of cookies
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sunday vibes... google search history for how to not cry at work, dry shampoo and work clothes that feel like pajamas
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wears pajamas all day. showers at 10:30 pm. changes into new pajamas.
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if I can't wear leggings, I'm not going
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"dress for the job you want." woman wearing sweats and saying "professional napper"
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must buy all the pajamas
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I live in my pajamas unless I'm going somewhere or I know someone is about to come over to my house. even then it's iffy.
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a literal representation of me this morning. just woke up and i'm already too tired to get dressed
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this weekend's forecast shows a 0% chance of cooking or cleaning, with a good chance of laying around in my pajamas
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when you wear new pajamas
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regular pants face: frown. sweatpants face: smile.
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all those fancy clothes and then there's me, full-time pajama-er
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