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20 Memes That Might Make You Laugh If You Have ‘Crushing’ Anxiety

When you think of anxiety, what do you think about?

Maybe you think of panic attacks that knock the wind out of you. Maybe you think of intrusive thoughts that just get “stuck” in your brain and don’t want to leave. Or maybe you think of the times you can’t get to sleep because your dear friend, “Anxiety,” decided to throw a party in your brain.

None of these are funny themselves, but sometimes having a (dark) sense of humor about your health experiences can help you get through them.

For anyone who can relate, we wanted to round up some relatable anxiety memes to (hopefully) bring a smile to your face today.

Unfortunately, memes can’t “cure” anxiety (especially when it feels crushing), but they can sometimes give you a small reprieve in the midst of your struggles.

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Here are some memes that might make you laugh if you live with “crushing” anxiety:


Meme text: my anxiety describing every social interaction I've ever had. Meme image: pressing button that says "cringe"
via @socialanxietymemes Instagram


meme text: anxiety: something bad is about to happen. me: what do you mean. anxiety: (meme image of person with a knowing look on face)
via @mytherapistsays Instagram


meme text: single and ready to get nervous around anyone I find attractive
via @emotionalclub Instagram


meme text: my only advice is to marry someone who likes to leave parties at the same time you do
via @mytherapistsays Instagram

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meme text: If I had a penny for every anxious thought: meme image: penny factory pouring out pennies
via @socialanxietymemes Instagram


meme text: that one molecule of serotonin trying to keep me going through the day meme image: old man banging drum
via @mytherapistsays Instagram


meme text: what essential oil is best for getting people to stop talking to you?
via @fuckjerry Instagram


meme text: "I'm really emotionally needy" picture of Jim from "The Office"
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meme with kermit waving hands in exasperation. Meme text: anxiety: they hate you/ me: who hates me/ anxiety:
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meme with shirt that says: "My neck, my back, my anxiety attacks"
via @emotionalclub Instagram


an accurate representation of myself: 5 % human 95% stress
via @socialanxietymemes Instagram


meme text: All I do is rotate three outfits and have panic attacks
via @mytherapistsays Instagram


car with license plate that says; "struggln"
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meme text: What i ask for: snuggles. What I get: struggles
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via @socialanxietymemes Instagram


me: I'm a very private person/ someone: hi / me: so i'll start by describing some of my lighter traumas before i get into the real bad stuff
via @mytherapistsays Instagram


one evening 2 introverts met at a bar. Nobody started a conversation, Both had a lovely evening
via Social Anxiety Disorder Memes Facebook page


when you turn inward to work on yourself. Meme image: "there are more demons here than I rememeber"
via Social Anxiety Disorder Memes Facebook page


Meme text: my anxiety: somethings off/ me: how so? / anxiety: something's off / me: what/ anxiety: something's off
via Social Anxiety Disorder Memes Facebook page 

If anxiety feels “crushing” today, you’re not alone. No matter what symptoms you may be experiencing — increased heart rate in social situations, panic attacks or anxiety-related aches and pains — we want you to know we see you.

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