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A Letter to My Son's Brain Tumor

Dear Owen’s Brain Tumor,

I know you thought you’d steal my joy — the joy of being a mother. God knows there are times when you come close. You drain my son, my wallet, my heart, my time, my sanity…there are days the thought of you consumes me. But, you’ll never take my joy.

I know you thought you’d steal my son’s childhood. God knows how you’ve tried. You’ve put him in the hospital more times than I can count. You’ve wreaked havoc on his body and mind. You have caused hundreds of seizures; caused him to need surgeries, countless medications, therapies and behavior issues. I know you thought you’d break my patience with all that, but he always fights back. He’s tougher than you. And he’s tougher than me too.

I know you thought you’d break us. That you’d drive our family apart with your endless needs and issues. But you were oh so wrong. You accidentally caused us to form an army against you; an army of therapists, teachers, nurses, pharmacists, doctors, prayer warriors, family and friends to fight you.

To be honest, you’ve given us more than you’ll ever be able to take away. You gave us perspective — showed us about what really matters. Like the hour I just spent playing Duck Duck Goose and Hide-and-Seek with Owen tonight. You can never take that from me…from us.

You showed me that joy is a choice. To find joy in the simple small things. That quality is worth so much more than quantity. You showed me who my friends are. You showed me how brave I can be. You showed me what a warrior my son is.

He doesn’t really understand you yet, but he will. You’ll try to crush his soul like you tried to do to mine, but what you didn’t realize about us is that we are fighters. God’s got us…and you…you can’t ever change that, nice try though.

❤ Owen’s Mommy

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