I want to highlight the importance of learning the lesson and letting go. I shared this awhile back in the newsletter for 1AND1, a mental health and wellness platform dedicated to making you 1% better daily. And it's a message I'm still thinking about that I'd like to share with you all.

I’m an imperfect human attempting to be perfect. I know it’s not possible, but sometimes, I still get caught up in the cycle of doing everything perfectly and obsessing over doing the right thing. I’ve struggled with this in all areas of my life: work, personal growth, relationships, and more. Although I try to get a lot right, I still make many mistakes and mess up quite a bit. I stumble, get back up, and fall again numerous times. I often overthink about making decisions, only to make the wrong one, and will ruminate on those actions and how I could’ve done better. And all that overthinking and self-criticism have affected my mental health and anxiety.

I spoke to my therapist about this, and one note she told me that was so powerful yet so simple was, "You're not in trouble. You’re only human. You’re doing your best.” That really stuck with me, and she reminded me that mistakes happen and that nobody will ever b##e perfect, no matter how hard we try. She encouraged me to look at these moments as lessons for what not to do again and how to break specific patterns. She also encouraged me to take actionable steps once I’ve become aware of something I need to change about myself instead of wallowing in what happened or engaging in self-deprecation. There’s power in knowing more about myself, and there’s also even more power in knowing what to do to change those things to be a better person for myself and others around me.

If you’re struggling with learning the lesson and letting go, I want to encourage you to take a deep breath. These moments will only teach you and make you grow. This is a part of life. Use these lessons as reflection and embrace change and improvement for what’s to come. There’s so much in store for you, and you have to be ready to receive it, and you can’t do that if you’re focusing on the past. Give yourself the chance to experience more and not be held hostage about what you could’ve done. Those mistakes only need to be a place of reference, not residence.

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