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The Simple Accommodation Many Students With ADHD Aren't Getting

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We need to stop telling students with ADHD to sit still and stop fidgeting. They need to move; it’s not a choice. How can you tell your brain to slow down?

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I am not suggesting that they be allowed to roam around the classroom and distract others. I know many ADHD students are allowed movement breaks as per their 504 or IEP. These students should be allowed to sit on exercise balls or fidget cushions, and use pedal desks, rubber bands on their chairs or fidget stools. There are a variety of options out there. Classrooms need to offer more for these children.

Unfortunately, I have only rarely witnessed a fidget cushion in a general education class, and the seating options in special education or self-contained classrooms tend to be limited as well. How is that fair to the ADHD students in general education classes? I am not saying all school districts are the same and I am sure some districts offer options in general education classrooms.

My daughter cannot sit still and I do not expect her to. She has a 504 that allows movement breaks and a sensory diet that states she can use a fidget cushion. However, the cushion is not a good fit for her and I am trying for a fidget stool.

Studies have proven that movement serves a purpose for students with ADHD. They wiggle more when they are using their brains. So why stop them?

Why are they being told to sit still in class? Education has evolved and we have a great deal more information at our disposal. It is time to come away from the old school way of thinking and understand that different children learn in different ways.

This story originally appeared on The ADHD Mom.

Getty image by Paul Biryukov.

Originally published: April 8, 2019
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