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10 Perks to Staying in on New Year’s Eve

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Another New Year’s Eve is fast approaching.

Let me put it right out there: I am not a fan of stereotypical New Year’s Eve (NYE) celebrations. My attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (AHDH) traits tend to challenge me more around the holiday; knowing this helps me better manage this celebrated evening.

I’m good with the concept of ushering out the old and welcoming in the new year, but not the expectation one needs to go out to celebrate. Here is the thing: You don’t.

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Not only is it OK if you don’t go out, but it may be the absolute best thing for you! I have found many great reasons to stay in. In NYE tradition, let’s have a top 10 countdown.

10. No crowds.

With so many people out, it can be difficult to find a table, parking, room on the dance floor, or a seat at the bar. At home, I know there will be a comfy place for me. I may need to move a cat, but that’s OK. This is preferable than being elbowed by a guy who doesn’t understand the concept of personal space. I am a bit claustrophobic and being hemmed in makes me uncomfortable.

9. Control over noise and misophonia triggers.

Granted, public places can be loud on any night, but are especially noisy with a crowd of people and an abundance of alcohol. Layer onto that food that crunches (think chips and salsa, pita and hummus, anything crunchy) and it becomes agonizing.

8. Bathrooms.

It likely isn’t a go-out/stay-in deal-breaker, but think about it. Staying in: There is a greater likelihood of abundant toilet paper,  it’s as clean as you want it to be, and it’s quiet. While out, I may go into the restroom to have a moment to myself and regroup. It’s not doable when there is a line of very impatient people who don’t appreciate my moment of zen.

7. Wear whatever you want!

No need to squeeze into an expensive party dress you will only wear once and is so short you are unable to sit down. My Hello Kitty fleece pajama bottoms and sweatshirt are ready to go. Perhaps you want to wear nothing at all. Your rules.

6. Stay warm.

December 31, in the northern hemisphere, can be cold. Especially since the sun had left the sky hours ago and Jack Frost is working his magic. No need to defrost your car’s windows as you shiver, waiting for the engine to heat up, in that really short dress.

5. Save money.

Celebrating NYE out can be very expensive. Prices are at a premium simply because of the date, not the quality of the food, drink, or experience. We traditionally order Chinese carry out and have a bottle of champagne on hand, paying a fraction of a night out. Hint: Order and pick up early, as this is a popular tradition.

4. Safety.

When I am cozy on my couch, buried under cats, I have zero risk of being in a car accident. I don’t need to watch out for drunk drivers and/or hope the roads haven’t iced over due to the whole being-cold-in-the-middle-of-the-night thing. Also, I can indulge in an adult beverage and know I already made it home safely. I also reduce the risk of picking up an illness. Colds, flus, or any other virus that may have come to the party.

3. No pressure to have (or pretend to have) a good time.

You will likely enjoy yourself doing what you want. Netflix or Hulu anyone? Is there a book you’ve been wanting to read but never seem to have the time? I set something fun aside to enjoy that evening and give myself permission to indulge.

2. Eat and drink whatever you want.

You are not limited to what is on the menu and the kitchen is always open. No pressure to drink or eat more, less, or differently than what is best for you.

1. Sleep.

Blissful, glorious sleep is an option at any time. The new year will arrive whether you are conscious or not. Start the new year fully rested and not battling a sleep deficit. I may or may not stay awake until midnight. There have been times when I have dozed off, waking just to hear the countdown, and returning to dreamland until morning.

I hope you find this helpful and wishing you a happy New Year’s Eve, whatever you choose to do.


Getty image by onurdongel

Originally published: December 20, 2021
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