hi. i’m a 21 year-old. i suffer from quite a few things, but what is concerning me most right now is my allergies. for most of my life, i didn’t have any allergies. now i have 43 and counting, two of them lethal, and one of those airborne. i’m finding more and more things to cause serious reactions by the day. i also had to stop eating meat because it was wreaking havoc on my digestive system. i have eaten soy and peanuts all my life, but within the last six months or so, they have escalated from no reaction, to mild reaction, to anaphylactic shock. yesterday i dipped my finger in sesame oil and put it on my tongue. it felt like i had put acid on it and my throat swelled soon after. not enough to kill me, but enough to hinder my breathing. now granola does the same. between the meat intolerance, seafood intolerance, soy allergy, and nut allergies, i don’t have many ways to get protein, and i struggle to find recipes and meals at restaurants that are safe. im terrified, and the worst part is that i am alone. i have searched and searched, but the only story i found of someone with a similar plight ended up escalating to the point of being unable to be in a room with any fruit or nut without going into anaphylactic shock. i can’t live like that. if someone has a similar experience, please share. ideally i’d like to find a study to enter so that i can figure out what’s wrong with me. if you made it this far, thanks for listening #Allergies #lethalallergies #anaphylacticshock