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10 Self-Care Survival Tips for College Anxiety

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Everyone has those days when it feels like everything is just too much. You know those days when you didn’t sleep well, you failed an assigned, you were late to a meeting, you got in a fight with your best friend and you spilled coffee on your shirt, all before 10 a.m. Trust me, I feel you.

On those days where the world is a perfect storm of happenings and shitty moments, anxiety seems to rise. My FitBit tells me my heart rate is high as I sip my third cup of coffee before breakfast and pray the day will be over soon. I bite back tears as I sit through meetings and look up cliche but inspirational Pinterest quotes during lunch to get me through more hours of the day and whatever business awaits me once I’m home. Self-care is the last thing on my mind.

On days — or let’s face it, months — when the anxiety outweighs the happy and it’s all you can do not to pull yourself out of bed, I know how hard it can be. Depression and anxiety can be challenging enough when you aren’t busy, but when you’re busy and buried in work, it can seem like a mountain that grows every second.

So here are my ten little tips for self-care in college:

1. Engage in positive self-talk.

You are doing your best. You are amazing. You can do this! The wisest words a therapist ever told me were if I could think of myself in a positive light, it would shape my whole perspective. While it doesn’t fixed missed homework assignments or solve fights, it does help put them in perspective.

2. Treat yo’ self.

Besides being one of the best running stories on “Parks and Recreation,” the idea of “treat yo’ self” is an amazing piece of advice for someone overwhelmed with school or work or life. Splurge and buy a nice Starbucks treat to get yourself through the day or get that new dress you’ve been eyeing forever.

3. Have a cup of tea.

When I have a bad day or my anxiety is high, I often get a soothing cup of tea to soothe my soul. There is nothing better than a warm drink in your hands as you cosy up on the couch. Pro tip: go for low caffeine like a fun herbal tea if you’re trying to sleep or wind down.

4. Take a bubble bath.

Pretty much enough said. Pop on some nice music, put in a fun bath bomb and relax in a nice bath. It melts my stress away.

5. Create a Spotify playlist.

Spotify lets you pick what songs are best for you and you can have playlists for everything from working out to studying. I have one full of mellow but uplifting songs for when I’m anxious that has been playing on repeat for the last few weeks of midterm season.

6. Talk to a friend.

Call up a friend and meet for coffee or talk to them on the phone. Tell them what’s up in your life, vent, cry, etc. They will be there to hold your hand as you cry, provide advice and be there to support you.

7. Take a nap.

Honestly my life motto is, “When all else fails, nap it off” and anyone close to me knows this about me. Some days are rough and you can’t turn them around. My anxiety often messes with my sleep, making me more anxious. Don’t be afraid to silence your phone for a few hours and to get some much needed shut eye. You will wake up in a better mood and with more energy.

8. Exercise.

I’m not a huge exercise fan, but boy oh boy, does it sure put me in a better mood. Exercise releases endorphins which naturally make you happy. So whether it’s going to the gym, walking around the block or trying out a new yoga class your friends been raving about, get out and move. Your body will thank you.

9. Light a candle.

I’m not sure how I feel about the science of aromatherapy, but lighting a candle always makes me feel better. Just be careful not to leave it burning when you leave or nap. I’m partial to candles that smell like yummy baked goods, but almost every stores sells a variety and you can even pick up little ones for a buck at your local dollar store.

10. Take a self-care day.

Take a day for yourself. Turn off your phone. Don’t check your email or school stuff. Sleep in. Do things you love. I’m partial to Netflix in my pajamas and hanging out with a close friend. Order some takeout. Take a nice bath. Go to bed early. The plans are up to you!

Anxiety is normal. Being overwhelmed is human, but don’t let it control you. You are a cup and you can’t pour into any other cups (school, work, friends, etc.) if you don’t fill yourself up. So take time for yourself, whether it be a hike with friends or a nice bath and early to bed. And always remember, self-care isn’t selfish.

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Thinkstock photo via MistakeAnn.

Originally published: March 23, 2017
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