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32 Honest Facebook Statuses People With Anxiety Want to Post, but Don't

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We often hear the phrase, “Don’t compare your behind-the-scenes to someone else’s highlight reel.

Even though we hear and understand those words, it can tempting to post only  life’s “happy moments” online. It’s sometimes easy to forget when you’re scrolling through Facebook that someone may be struggling behind the photos, statuses, funny memes and articles they share. And for someone with anxiety, whose symptoms are often invisible, it might be difficult to navigate being open and honest when you feel pressure to add more to your own personal highlight reel.

That is why we asked our Mighty mental health community who live with anxiety what is one status they want to post on Facebook, but don’t.


Here is what they had to say:

1. “I can’t stop shaking and crying. Even though I isolate myself, would someone please come over and remind me the world hasn’t ended? I can’t calm myself down anymore. Please don’t judge me for asking for help. It’s almost impossible for me to do this. Sorry to be a bother.” — Cait L.

2. “I’m a seemingly completely put together mom who has fallen apart long ago. My life is strung together by medication, coffee and anger. Most days, nothing helps, but I am forced to get up anyway. Just getting out of bed starts the cycle of anger again, which throws my anxiety into sensory overload. Please just leave me alone, but also, please don’t make me be alone.” — Tiffany C.

3. “I am seen as ‘crazy’ for having anxiety and I am so fed up with it being treated as something abnormal. I’m tired of being called out for appearing to seek attention. I’m tired for getting yelled at and belittled when I don’t tell people things. The people who belittle me and don’t believe in the first place, that is. I am especially tired of having to conform my anxiety around other people — that I am always in the wrong with my anxiety. I am also done with my feelings and anxiety being invalidated. Belittling me and brushing it off only worsens it, especially coming from my friends and family.” — Alexandria D.

4. “It stresses me out when different friends are constantly checking in and asking me how I’m doing. I’m still a mess. I’m trying to crawl my way out of it. The reminder doesn’t help and I get tired and embarrassed of saying I’m still not OK. So I usually say I’m fine when I’m really not. But if they don’t check in with me, I feel like they’ve stopped caring too.” — Kathleen L.

5. “Sometimes it gets too unbearably hard to get out of the house and join social events. Have patience and understanding instead of giving me a hard time for not showing up or feeling like I have to owe them. But also keep inviting me, sometimes it’s what I really need.” — Candace G.

6. “My man is the only one that makes me feel centered and that everything is going to be alright. He allows me to listen to his heartbeat when I am having panic attacks and it has helped more than anything else.” — Anna W.

7. “Anxiety sets in, I isolate myself because dealing with a situation, wether it’s minor or more serious, is just too much for me to handle. Then when I am alone, I feel lonely, and that’s when the loud voices of depression and anxiety begin. I can’t shut them off. My mind takes me prisoner and I’m confined to my bed for day.” — Alisha B.

8. “You have no idea how hard it is to live with severe anxiety. I wish I could explain it in words, but I just can’t. I wonder if anyone will ever get it. It’s so hard trying to hide my anxiety, it’s exhausting!” — Mike S.

9. “I hate that my family doesn’t believe anything is wrong with me. I’m always so tired because of my meds, but I’m afraid if I switch to something else the side effects will be worse. I can’t afford an herbalist and my psychiatrist at the same time.” — Leassa K.

10. “Just because I almost never pick up the phone and I often refuse invitations to go out doesn’t mean I don’t care about you. You are my friend and I love you, it’s just that every day I struggle with negative feelings and emotions that make me isolate myself.” — Mary J.

11. “My anxiety makes it hard to start friendships with people, or even be close to them. I’ve had people leave, ditch me, emotionally abuse me and even lose my trust. Among many of my fears is rejection. If I do something with you, like sit by you or invite you some place, know that I’m taking a risk with my mental health, because for whatever reason, I think you’re worth it. This is something that’s hard, so be proud of me.” — Juliana C.

12. “I’m sorry to all my friends I’ve cancelled plans on. I say it’s because I’m not feeling well or my husband wants me to spend time with him, but really I just want to be alone in my bed with no one to talk to. I know it’s not healthy for me but when you live with anxiety, putting yourself out there seems impossible. Please have patience with me.” — Heather L.

13. “I’m tired of trying to explain myself to others, tired of making up excuses why I don’t want to go somewhere because of my anxiety. People ask, ‘Well aren’t you on meds? Don’t they work? Did you take your meds today?’ Yes, I am doing all of that, but they don’t know it’s not a cure. They don’t know the littlest thing can set off your anxiety and become an attack. They don’t know we all want to talk, but don’t want to bother anyone with our ‘sob’ stories or how the last two days were horrible and I couldn’t even stand myself.” — Jillayne M.

14. “I overthink everything— to the point where I can barely sleep, and when I do find sleep, it’s due to the exhaustion of all this anxiety—only to wake up in a panic again. This is my daily struggle.” — Heather A.

15. “I am so lonely and I hate it, but I can’t help but isolate myself. I don’t like people and I just make a fool of myself when I am with people because I am so anxious. My anxiety is what holds me back. I can’t talk to people like I’d like to and a phone call is like a death sentence. You just can’t do it. People think you just don’t want to, but they don’t understand that sometimes you just can’t. It’s worries, overthinking, constant hell and so much more. I don’t want to feel this way and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. This illness I’m living with is more serious than people realize and I don’t do these things for attention like you might believe.” — Calee R.

16. “‘What’s normal for the spider is chaos for the fly.’ My closest friend told me that last night after I told him that I wish I was normal.” — Ashleigh T.


17. “Sometimes I want to hang out with people and go places and do things they want me to do with them, but my anxiety exhausts me. It takes all of my momentum to do things sometimes. I overthink trying new places with people to the point of freaking myself out of it or exhausting myself. And I wish people could just be understanding and OK with it when that happens. But most of the time, people get mad or think I’m blowing them off when that’s not that case at all.” — Katie M.

18. “Keep inviting me to events even though 95 percent of the time I won’t come. It sounds counterproductive, but most of the time I feel like no one wants me around anyway, so having that option makes me feel like people still want me around.” — Krista K.

19. “I hate myself for feeling the way I do and I hate most everyone else for not understanding. Isolation is the only thing that keeps me going even though I know it’s not entirely healthy.” — Brianna O.

20. “Please don’t ask me to do anything. I am already stressed out about all the things I have to do at home. My family will always come before anyone else.” — Nannette N.

21. “Even though I’m always looking forward to see everyone and have fun with you guys, my anxiety kicks in and makes me feel as if I will ruin everyone’s day if I join you feeling like this.” — Salma K.

22. “When I cancel going somewhere with you, I hate myself. I hate myself for not being strong enough to fight ‘it,’ for letting you down. But most of all, I hate myself for when your face has that ‘here we go again’ look on it. Whatever you think, it’s not personal, I’m not lazy and although it may not seem like it — I am a good friend.” — Sarah E.

23. “There’s no good or bad days, only moments. And just because what triggers me doesn’t make sense to you doesn’t make it not real or invalid!” — Jenifer S.

24. “I’m so grateful for the benefits I receive from the government in my country. If it wasn’t for that financial support, I’m not sure how I would cope. I’m lucky I’m entitled to the financial help, because working just isn’t an option for me right now with my mental illnesses.” — Amanda W.

25. “Guys, I know I look fine, but I’m not OK. I really am not. I’m doing the best I can with what motivation I have, but some days I need to take a break.” — Katie F.

26. “Finding the proper doses for my medication is draining me. I’ve been on one that no longer works, so the experimentation starts all over. The last week I have gone through withdrawals and I’m still expected to be ‘normal.’ What does that mean anymore?” — Lindsay W.

27. “I feel like a bother to my family and friends when I come to them during my attacks. I don’t know what to do, think or say. I just isolate myself and cover up in a blanket and quiet myself. The thoughts in my head keep coming and going. It scares me. I keep telling myself that I’m alright and OK and that there’s nothing wrong with me. I have to do something to get my mind off irrational thoughts.” — Jason D.

28. “When I have a bad day or night, my whole hurts and I can’t stop crying. I feel like it’s all my fault, but it’s not. All I want to do is figure out why I’m feeling like this. I did nothing wrong. Why do I do this? Why does this happen to me? Why can’t I ask for help?” — Jane M.

29. “The hell month of starting anxiety medication sucks. The constant mood roller coaster — one minute of being happy, the next being depressed. It’s so frustrating.” — Jesy H.

30. “Depression [and anxiety] can leave me desperate for any moments of happiness or pleasure, which cracks open the door to some very dangerous choices.” — Dusty S.

31. “I hate being stuck in my own head and being unable to get my thoughts out. When I get the odd burst where I manage to get them out, it drains the life out of me.” — Tony S.

32. “Living with anxiety is a challenge everyday but every day is brand new.” — Christopher R.

What would you add?

32 Honest Facebook Statuses People With Anxiety Want to Post, but Don't
Originally published: July 7, 2017
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