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3 Things I Try to Do Consistently to Manage My Anxiety

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If there’s anything I’m learning increasingly in my battle with anxiety, then it’s that self-care is as important as breathing in this day-to-day journey.

Self-care is simply doing the necessary things to help us deal more bravely and beautifully with the frustrations of an anxious, panic-ridden soul. Self-care is vital because anxiety doesn’t care what is or isn’t going on in our daily routines, as it attempts to wreck the details of our lives with its falsehoods and hassles.

Anxiety doesn’t care if we’ve had a rough day and desperately need to get sound sleep. Its only goal is to keep our minds wide awake while our souls are too exhausted to fight the empty details keeping us restless.

Anxiety doesn’t care if we long to travel and have amazing experiences all over the world. Its objective is to convince us to allow fear to snuff out opportunities our faith was born to enjoy.

Anxiety doesn’t care that our spouse/partner is trying their best to show us love and understanding in a situation they’re truly trying to understand. It’s only motive is to drive us completely away from anyone dedicated to love us more than we comprehend.

Anxiety doesn’t care that most of the worries lodged in our head will never actually occur in the details of our lives. It’s only focus is to get us to focus on all that can go wrong despite what’s indeed good in our lives.

Anxiety doesn’t care that we really want to enjoy family gatherings, reunions with friends or the occasional co-worker get together. It’s only joy is to rob us of the joy of partaking in good social interaction, which can often be a source of strength and support through our uncomfortableness.

Anxiety doesn’t care that we’re sick and tired of the debilitating thoughts, confused nerves and complete restlessness that comes with its attacks. It’s only goal is to keep us from our personal goals if we allow its countless lies to win.

While there are many things I’ve learned to do for my own personal self-care, these are a few on the top of my list in the fight.

1. Exercise.

From running, to hiking, to yoga, staying active is what continues to keep me pushing forward even when I feel like my push is completely gone. Consistent exercise clears the air in our head of so much while often reminding us there’s a bigger world than the one we’re battling in our mind and soul. Start where you are and get out of the house. Get out of the office. Get out of the gym, and take a hike!

2. Nutrition and hydration.

Our everyday functioning and overall mood can be hugely affected by what we eat and what we drink. Our body and its multiple systems will never adapt to dehydration, and as “comforting” as a glass of wine or cold beer may feel, alcohol doesn’t hydrate the body. Studies upon studies show dehydration raises the stress levels in our mind and body. On the other hand, a solid diet of what our body needs gives our body the strength and support it needs, along with good hydration.

3. Meditation.

Even though discussing religion can now be far more uncomfortable than voicing the current number on our bathroom scale, I don’t consider it strange in sharing my beliefs, as I’d never jeer nor judge anyone who doesn’t agree with the truths I center my life around. Prayer and meditation has been the most powerful tool to helping me freely break open instead of fully breaking down. It’s such a refresher to my soul and a huge reminder of how vital it is for us to purposefully turn it all off from time to time to remain “on” in life.

Let’s stay consistent with our self-care, because anxiety doesn’t care.

Editor’s note: This story is based on a individual’s experience and shouldn’t be taken as medical advice. 

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Originally published: December 29, 2016
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