Hi! I’m new here and trying to explore community. Community is always something I have steered away from; always felt so uncomfortable. I wouldn’t make space for others to understand me. Instead, I continued to label myself misunderstood. I am an only child and have always felt alone. Being alone is my comfort zone, where I thrive. Or at least that was the case. Before, I would really avoid it and I grew into appreciating my alone time. Sometimes, however, a little too much. Too much to the point where I was self-deteriorating. I am currently struggling with this as I am channeling my why, my passions, my purpose. My low self esteem has always gotten in the way of that. I have came to realize this through my almost constant comparison to others, putting myself down, and never fully believing in myself. My alone time used to be a time where I put my best foot forward and see the best of myself. And it was just that, thriving alone. Seeing others and being apart of something made me feel lost, confused, and even more alone in most cases. I would immediately just believe I wasn’t good enough, my ideas weren’t worthy enough, and my efforts were pointless. Yet, lesson after lesson, meltdown after meltdown, I am claiming my space in the world. I am letting myself be my true self, authentically and raw. I did and still struggle with low self esteem. The only difference is that now I am not letting it get in my way to the best of my ability. I am releasing negative self-image, self talk, and self beliefs. I am setting myself free; free to be who I want to be, who I am, and who I know will overcome this. I am letting myself finally be me: no questions, no comments, and no concerns about doubt.