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    Any tips for when you feel like a loser? :(

    Sorry if it sounds negative but any tips for when you’re feeling really low about yourself/ your life? Thanks 🙏

    Appreciate any little pick me ups or those who can relate to this sometimes :c #lonely #sad #down #Low #hardonmyself #loser #lowselfesteem #Trying # headspace #Depression #Anxiety #Pickmeup #Tips #Selflove #Quotes #bad day #beatingmyselfupemotionally #selfsabotage #wantselflove #wanttoworkonselfcompassion

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    Depression after relocation

    I have recently relocated to a new city for 3 months where I spent my whole childhood in. I have studied abroad for many years. I am experiencing tones of depressive symptoms trying to adapt such as self-blame, headaches, forgetfulness and anxiety. The work hour is very long here so I find it very hard to exercise. I recently got engaged with my partner for 5 years. But it seems like our relationship is suffering when I fail to listen but gets overwhelmed about her problems due to #ADHD . She is from where I study abroad so she has her own struggles too. As I struggle at work and low self-esteem, I’m getting more lonely and isolated. I’m really hoping things can improve but it seems like the psychiatrists (after seeing 3) here do not want to give out diagnosis #AdultADHD apart from medications to calm my anxiety #ChronicDepression #lowselfesteem


    Got dumped

    I got blocked by my ex yesterday on all platforms... M really having a low self-esteem right now... M thrown out like an piece pf shit from his life ... I really loved him ... N i think its impossible for me to get over him ... This heaviness and excruciating pain in my chest is making me cripple...cant even get out of bed ... Medications are also not helping me as much #someonehelpme #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #lowselfesteem #breakup


    Accepting Compliments/Kindness

    Hey guys! Does anyone else have a hard time accepting/believing complements? I some friends who are always so nice to me and giving me compliments. I don't even know how to respond to some of the comments, because truly, I know that if they knew enough about me they wouldn't think that. I feel like i don't deserve them and it also kind of makes my anxiety higher because I feel bad for some reason that they think that, like I'm like accidentally not being genuine or something or living a lie, even though a lot of them know about my anxiety and low self esteem. What do I do to combat these feelings? Any tips? Thanks in advance guys, and I hope you have a great rest of your week!

    #Anxiety #lowselfesteem #Depression #SocialAnxiety


    Low self esteem.

    After speaking with my therapist it appears I suffer greatly with low self esteem and more than likely as a result of my borderline personality disorder. Has anyone got any tips on how to get out of this mind set? #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Bipolar2Disorder #PTSD #Anxiety #lowselfesteem


    Letting myself be me authentically #authenticme #lowselfesteem #Depression

    Hi! I’m new here and trying to explore community. Community is always something I have steered away from; always felt so uncomfortable. I wouldn’t make space for others to understand me. Instead, I continued to label myself misunderstood. I am an only child and have always felt alone. Being alone is my comfort zone, where I thrive. Or at least that was the case. Before, I would really avoid it and I grew into appreciating my alone time. Sometimes, however, a little too much. Too much to the point where I was self-deteriorating. I am currently struggling with this as I am channeling my why, my passions, my purpose. My low self esteem has always gotten in the way of that. I have came to realize this through my almost constant comparison to others, putting myself down, and never fully believing in myself. My alone time used to be a time where I put my best foot forward and see the best of myself. And it was just that, thriving alone. Seeing others and being apart of something made me feel lost, confused, and even more alone in most cases. I would immediately just believe I wasn’t good enough, my ideas weren’t worthy enough, and my efforts were pointless. Yet, lesson after lesson, meltdown after meltdown, I am claiming my space in the world. I am letting myself be my true self, authentically and raw. I did and still struggle with low self esteem. The only difference is that now I am not letting it get in my way to the best of my ability. I am releasing negative self-image, self talk, and self beliefs. I am setting myself free; free to be who I want to be, who I am, and who I know will overcome this. I am letting myself finally be me: no questions, no comments, and no concerns about doubt.

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    Its hard

    I try but I find it hard to find one thing I like about myself I have to think hard for 15min and still nothing i waited an hour couldn't think of anything and he said well your persistent no i didn't think of anything i just let the clock run out anybody have this issue #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #lowselfesteem

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    #lowselfesteem #Depression #Shame &fear

    I am struggling with my low self esteem issues. And often many small things can take me to extreme level of Depression.
    Like I had once been in a stressful situation due to which my hands were trembling and people noticed that in my office.
    Now they make fun of the situation and every time someone recall the memory I start feeling ashamed and not worthy to stand there.
    I feel very weak and my confidence level hits the ground. Depression take my mind over and I feel panic attacks.
    Anyone with anything good to say so that I can comfort my mind. 💔


    Self criticism and high expectations at work #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Work #Selfcriticism #lowselfesteem

    I started a new job today, and already my mood has plummeted even more than usual (if that's even possible). It wasn't a hard day. In fact, it was an incredibly easy day all things considered, but every second of that day was filled with self-critical thoughts. "You're not doing well enough", "you should be doing more, "you're not working quick enough", "you need to give it more oomph", "they probably think you're a let down" etc. etc. etc. I am so completely exhausted an depleted by millions of self critical thoughts that fill my mind every second of every day, particularly in work situations, completely exhausting me, to the point where I am just dragging myself through every second, pasting a smile on my face and wondering what is the point of all this when I am battling with my own mind. How do other people cope with this? Please help me find a way to shut this stupid voice up!! I hate her so fricking much and she is ruining my entire life!!! I just want to feel mildly ok with myself on a day to day basis and no feel filled with burning self hatred and inadequacy every second of my entire life! 😔😔😔