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Why I've Embraced the Label 'Weird' as an Autistic Person

Weird. The word “weird” is often used to label those with autism, most of the time in a negative manner. However, I have learned to embrace the label of weird and take it in my stride. I used to fear it, to be weird was to be an outcast, and especially weird and autistic. but now I’ve learned there’s nothing wrong with either!

I’m odd, unusual and I do things the wrong way and/or the hardest way according to some. But that’s me and that’s OK. I like having an occasionally unusual outlook on things and I like bringing new concepts to people that they may never have thought of before.  I like being weird.

I used to be teased for being weird, and it could happen again, but that’s OK — I’m proud of it. Use it to dis me? I’m afraid that won’t work. I’m autistic, and weird — and proud!

Getty image by Rommma.

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