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Be proud while healing

Yesterday I wrote about remembering to celebrate how far we've come while we're doing the work.
Even though we're not "there" yet.
I think it's important that we take time to appreciate where we are.
And, equally important, where we're no longer at.
I am realizing there are so many, many steps on the way to the goal; "healed".
The healing journey is winding and long.
And we need to take time to be proud and celebrate on the way.
It also helps to keep the momentum.
And the motivation.
To see what we've accomplished.
Not only focusing on all we need to do still.
Because we've come a far, far way.
We've done so very well.
And there are many reasons to be proud.
To celebrate.
(Picture from Pinterest)

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I'm new here!

Hi, my name is dawn. I'm here because I have a family member with depression and anxiety. I may actually have a few family members with depression and anxiety and not sure how to first confirm that and then how to be helpful to their own unique experiences they are having.



I’m new here!

Osiyo, Ehisdi dagwado. Cherokee for "hello, my name is Pain".
I had been here before, during which my mental health was much worse, but after a lot of releasing in another place, and a doctor's prescription for my pains made things so so much worse, I've finally been able to shed a lot of my mental stress...However, I still get snapped at regularly and treated like a pet by my wife, sooooo am going to try this once again...
#MightyTogether #ChronicPain #Abuse