I’m angered by the 4th of July parade shooting near Chicago yesterday. I live in Chicago, about a 40 minute drive from there. I go to Highland Park in the summer sometimes.

There’s this great music festival there called Ravinia that hosts concerts all season. Last year I saw Willie Nelson there. Previously I've seen Blondie with Garbage and X. When I was a kid, my family used to go see Peter Paul & Mary there. Beautiful setting for a picnic and music. Highland Park is a very affluent suburb of Chicago. Goes to show you no one is safe from gun violence and mass shootings that are continuing to happen every other day. #Dosomething They did something but it was not enough.

The photo is Blondie on stage at Ravinia.

#HighlandPark #Chicagoland #FourthOfJuly #BanAssaultWeapons #BanHighCapacityMagazines #UniversalBackgroundChecks #commonsensegunlaws