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    Last night I got baptised

    Well hey everyone exciting news I’m proud to say last night I was baptised. This is is something I never thought I would of done especially since I’ve only just been back at church since November but this was such a good feeling. I don’t have family in the city I’m in but I was able to invite some friends there even though they aren’t believers. I can’t explain how it felt to be lifted out of the pool it was truly surreal I did not expect it to feel how it did and I’m so glad I did it. Once I’d done it I had all my mates and church and from my life group come around me hands on me praying for me and congratulations and even sharing some word to me it was an amazing time but I was a complete mess of emotions standing up there with all my friends crying my heart out but feeling closer to god was such a good decision. I felt weak for how much I cried and stayed in the bathroom a while because I kept crying and I don’t even know why I was crying and why I couldn’t stop but I’m so glad I’ve done it and I really hope this pushes me to follow gods plan for me even more and follow his word. What hurt for me though is posting a photo of my baptism certificate on my instagram story my mum messaged “oh wow” and then had said “whatever makes you happy bud” and it just didn’t seem like she acknowledged it much. I’m the only Christian in my family and the way she just shot it down just hurt. She doesn’t like religion or god at all because I’ve lost 2 brothers and this is why I didn’t talk to her about it but she felt the need to message me and then not even say something supportive it just sounded so belittling. But I’m proud to say I’m baptised and so many of my mates all congratulating me just felt so good. #baptism #saved #Family

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    #baptism #water

    I know that my #baptism is important to god it's in his mind to see me baptized. My understanding is that baptism is a symbol of gods protection for you and in this life especially god will be with you. In my heart I have some trouble being convicted of gods love for me. He wants me to know something I just need time to see it happen. And when I go to heaven I will bear 🐻 gods mark. In order to show my love for him. I mean that in a pure sence. I will bear that. By #water through fire and the man on the cross