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Gᴏᴏᴅ Mᴏʀɴɪɴɢ #ᴡʜɪᴛᴇʀᴀʙʙɪᴛs #ᴅᴏɴᴛsʜᴇᴅᴄʟᴏᴜᴛᴜɴᴛɪʟᴍᴀʏɪsᴏᴜᴛ 🗣️🐣🪷💪

An unexpected and thoroughly enjoyable night away; wild camping with my beautiful son and his partner, Buttermere Lake in the Lake District National Park.

We decided to just go, we had no plans, it was quiet we had eaten our roast dinner, packed the car and went!

It was so refreshing, we found “our digs” at the bottom of a peek, we had a wall which helped as a wind breaker too, building a fire pit against it, boiled our water etc

Bovril for me! We had no signal, no music, no tech whatsoever, we played cards, went for a walk along the lake, built a fire and settled for the night.

I had never spent the night under the stars like that, the black sky super! the sounds of the babbling brook that was running along the bed of the peek, joining the lake, it was so tranquil and peaceful, i was a million miles away, can’t wait for more adventures now!

#Goodtimes #Family #priceless

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#TheMighty #Family #Depression #Suicide #MentalHealth #ADHD #Anxiety #PTSD #CPTSD

May the Son remove the fixed stone that keeps us in our tombs. May the Son rise upon us so we no longer seek the living amongst the dead, for “I came that they may have life,” defined as meaning “the Lord intimately sharing His gift of life with people, creating each in His image, which gives all the capacity to know His eternal life…to be obtained in fellowship with Christ (Bible Hub’s Strong’s NASB - 2222; 2222-2b), and have it abundantly” (John 10:10 NASB 1995).

So, Happy Resurrection Day, #mighty #Family

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#Suicide and #silence : #MightyTogether We Can Save A Life

Following this group’s leader’s “Elephant in the Room” first topic, let’s discuss suicide…as a preventive approach to the act of ending one’s life.

Two deadly enemies: suicide and silence. When discussing suicide openly it then becomes exposed. However, when it remains hidden, it festers.

Silence fuels suicide.

And those of us, like myself, who suffer with suicidal ideation (thoughts) tend to fuel this way of thinking by dismissing the logic of sharing our pain with others because it is easier to convince ourselves that we will only bother them if we call, especially during a suicidal ideation attack.

The act of silencing ourselves and the act of not openly and publicly discussing suicidal thoughts thus fuels that dark way of thinking. But exposure to this (now) common issue—that MANY people are experiencing—allows us to freely express ourselves, in person, virtually, or on social media writing platforms.

Basically, how about if we vastly expose the reality of suicidal ideation so that those of us who suffer with these thoughts can freely say, “Hey, I am struggling with thoughts of ending my life” without any hesitation. Swiftly exposing those thoughts allow us to release the weight of those dark thoughts that govern our minds in the midst of the suicidal thought’s storm.

Honestly, which is easier to do: respond to the vulnerable suicidal ideation person who exposes their dark thoughts before the act, or posting an emoji on a Facebook post that informs the world that our friend took their life?

Let’s #Talk about #Suicide and that #MentalHealth issue so that our conversations become the preventative vaccination for the act of suicide. Too many people are giving in to this disease of the mind:

An estimated 703 000 people die by suicide worldwide each year. Over one in every 100 deaths (1.3%) in 2019 was the result of suicide. The global suicide rate is over twice as high among men than women
( › WSPD
Global Suicide Statistics - IASP; 3.19.2024; 10:15PM (EDT)).

Let’s curb this grim statistic! I believe we can.

Let’s #Talk #Life , #TheMighty #Family , and make it common to discuss suicide, instead of wishing we only knew our friend or family member was silently struggling with ending their life.

#Depression #SuicidalIdeation #MentalHealth

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☆ " I Wanted To Thank The Mightie's For Cheering Me Up " ☆ #ThankYou #Family

° " I'm So Thankful For All Of You Responding... I'm At A Lost And My Confidence Is At An All Time Low... I Had A Severe Panic Attack Last Night... For An Hour Of Crying And Hyperventilating... And My Heart Was Racing... I'm Alittle OK Now... But The Damage Has Been Done... For My Recovery In Healing With My #PTSD ... It Will Take Time For Me To Heal From This... Sincerely, • Skaoi Kvitravn• #ThankYou

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How to cope when depressed and feel bad about a loved one’s mental health and chronic pain?

I get depressed and unhappy sometimes though I’m trying hard to change my life and do my best I often feel like a loser, I cry and feel negative though I try to be positive, my mom is often the same and worse than me, she struggles with chronic pain, I wish I could help her and sometimes I wish I was someone different a better version of myself, I put myself down and compare myself too much. I feel so lost sometimes :/ :( #selfcomparison #Comparison #loser #Depression #ChronicPain #illness #Health #Family #Parents #lost

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How to cope when your loved ones struggle with chronic pain or illness?

When it’s sad it’s out of your control or you wish they would look after their health a little more push themselves to eat a bit healthier or exercise but they always feel awful and in bad health with many ailments especially my mom. And feel bad about the financial situation since my dad is the breadwinner and my mom got sick pretty young with heart disease and other things. My sister has Ulcerative Colitis etc etc #ChronicPain #mom #mother #Parents #Family #Sickness #illness #Health #eating #MentalHealth

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BUSY kitchen

DR Oz once said we should eat a rainbow of Veggies, Cheese sauce peoples, Borsches, like Beet soup, Make Homemade soups or you can get them through the Raw Carrot, apparently made by peops like us, tomato, onion, cucumber, n sunflower oil salad, cucumber n onion in egg salad and tuna salad sandwiches, share your salads n soups #Family #Relationships #Food

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CREATE Ambiance

Hi, I know this is a bit outdated but just thought ya'll might want to share pics of your decorated tables, for whatever, Valentines is coming up, have you crafted anything? ANY DELICIOUS valentine recipes to steal our hearts away? IT'S not just about chocolate, you know. #seasonal #ambiance #nourish #Family health #Christmas #Food #home #Relationships #guests #Friendship #Housework

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The loneliness cookies emerge again

HI, THIS WAS my Seasonal desert because they are Gluten free and I had gluten free people coming, keep a few packages on hand, they came in handy because that night I had a turkey, stuffing, potatoes and veggies n cheese sauce to make, they keep well and can be taken to visit relatives, or feed people in nursing homes, No Frills is a great place to shop for this, and you still make it to Church, Thanks, Please drop some of your own cooking pics #nourish #Food #Family

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