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Emotionally Immature/Family

One path to healing is accepting that some people are emotionally immature. They are not capable of understanding their faults and most likely will never admit to them-and thus, never apologize. Coming to this realization partially solves the problem of healing from immature people-the other is radical acceptance. That reality is the way it is. But this takes practice.

#Trauma #PTSD #Family

Family does not have to do with blood but with love, support and acceptance. Families come in all shapes and sizes and I am grateful for mine. Today marks a new realization for me-a learning experience. Having what I have relieves some of the pain and I suppose that's better than nothing. There is no point in crying over immature people. #Emotionallyimmature #Acceptance

Searching for something that will never come has totally exhausted me. Gradually working towards acceptance is a slow process. #Healing #growth

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Could use some advice

My relationship with my father has been difficult and complicated my entire life. While I have always been an emotional type, my father has always been the cold/logical type. He was abusive towards me as a child. At the very same time my older brother and my classmates at school where also physically and verbally abusive towards me from kindergarten all the way through high school. I recently started family therapy with both my parents in a desperate attempt to heal our relationship. My father layed out his genuine feelings on the table this Thursday and pretty much layed blame for all my mental health issues on me. He stands by how he decided to “parent” me when I was younger and claims my mental health struggles are simply because I don’t do “enough.” I don’t work on myself enough, I don’t try enough, I don’t think rationally and logically enough. I exploded with anger when he communicated this. “You don’t get to have a primary role in messing me up in the first place and get to say that. You are the last person on this Earth who gets to say that to me you piece of shit.” Am I wrong for saying this? Am I to blame? He went even further to say my issues are a “burden” on the family and that I am selfish and unempathetic. Why do I give my father so much power over me? I guess it is because he is my father and I’ve always wanted his acceptance and for him to accept me for who I am. I could just use some added perspective from the Mighty community on this subject for my blood is still boiling from this interaction with him. #Abuse #Depression #Family #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Trauma #AbusiveRelationship

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What is family? I have to reconstruct what my idea of family is. I have to figure out what's important to me. But yet, without the love and support of my family I have to create a new family. I have my fiancé and his family but that doesn't make the pain go away. I still miss my brother terribly. I can't see him for his birthday or spend the holidays with him. And this makes me want to cry. Any depiction of a happy family makes me sad but I know I have to create a new meaning for family. I just don't know how. Not with all this pain in the way. #Abuse #Family #PTSD

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Was anyone else in special education throughout school? I was on what’s called an IEP throughout school, my struggle

I’m not sure if an Iep is normal I believe so, but they specifically had me in special education because I was behind my peers constantly, and behind grade level, meaning I was intellectually at a disadvantage, just playing neurologicaly slow. Now as someone in their early 20s (22) I’m trying to figure life out without the constant support of a team of people there to help guide me. To be honest it feels like they realized I had massive difficulty’s in many areas then they helped me get through k-12 and as soon as that cap and gown came off it was like I was booted into the world without people knowing of my intellectual disability’s and giving me the same support I had in school, I mean is it just me or does that sound kinda f**d up, please please comment down below your thoughts, I really need help with this one my friends #DevelopmentalDisability #MentalHealth #Anxiety #Agoraphobia #ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder #Depression #dissability #sad #Family #PanicAttack

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Community Voices
Community Voices

My expectations were low, but…

Living with a narcissist with an addiction is an experience that has made me question a lot of things. Not just about myself, but about my future relationships, and so many other aspects of life in general. After all of my ongoing research on narcissists and my life experiences, this has led my gut feeling to speak its mind in a number of times. And what bothers me about that is how spot on it could be. I knew something wasn’t right from the beginning when my parents got back together after a short separation. I understood that there is a cycle that happens every time he says that he is going to change. I kept my expectations low because if he doesn’t follow through, I wouldn’t be as disappointed. For the last few weeks, my mom and her husband have been spending a lot of time together, he started talking to my brother again, and his interaction with me is limited. Everything was “normal” for a time. But, yesterday, I was rushing to the kitchen to put something away and I walked in on him before he shifted his focus on something else. I don’t know if he noticed that I saw, but it did confirm things for me. It may have been a temporary relapse, he may have done it since he was allowed to come home, I’ll never know. I just know that if my mom walked in on him, she’d be very hurt because she thinks things are better now. It’s a weird space to be in. #MentalHealth #Depression #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #narcissist #Family

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I m stuck in my diagnostic, i feel that i need to be loyal to my mental health diagnostic and even knowing what i need to do in order to live a healthier life I continue stuck in my bad habits and toxic emotions cause my diagnostic say so . This make so unhappy and worrie. #Borderline #Health #Family

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Today I had to get firm with family members about the fact I don't want to talk about politics, religion or news. I feel like that may make me seem like I don't care what's going on in the world but it's making me feel utterly hopeless. I can't believe how much worse my mental health is since 2016. My husband is such a lovely guy but it's consuming him and makes him angry and bitter (not towards me) unfortunately I have to live with some of these other family members who have very opposing views and beliefs. I'm worn down and keep asking myself what's the point in living in a country like this. In a world like this. I just cannot take anymore. #Family #Politics #relgion #Hoplessness #SuicidalIdeation #Depression #Anxiety #PanicAttacks #ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder #Insomnia #PTSD #Stress #familyissues

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Issues with my parents

Well, there’s no easy way to explain this, I’m 22 years old and up until I was admitted into inpatient voluntarily I lived with my parents. Currently my stay does not feel voluntary even though people say it is, well if you can bare with me I’ll try and explain, I’ve been here going on four weeks, my initial plan was six weeks, I just got off a heated phone conversation where my parents accused me of being rude and balking at the program this convo arriginated because I planned on coming home on the Monday of my sixth week (so yes I’d be cutting my stay a tiny bit short). A couple weeks ago I made a post and deleted it because I wanted anonymity. Essentially what i feel is happening is my parents are holding the puppet strings and I am their puppet, that analogy really rings true for me. I’m at a loss honestly, please feel free to comment however if your going to tell me to “stick it out” or anything to that effect I’d politely ask you to refrain from commenting thank you though. #ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder #Anxiety #Family #Agoraphobia

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