I just would love one day without any kind of issue especially when it concerns my health … I am going thru so much lately with all these Diseases that just won’t let up … Lupus.. RA.. Pulmonary Fibrosis.. Myositis DM .. MPN - Myoprolifative Neuroplasam/Rare Blood Cancer within my Bone Marrow .. Thyroid.. Macular degeneration in my Right eye.. Raynauds Syndrome.. and I have fallen 5 times this past summer due to neuropathy in my feet 👣… so now still healing from a 4 fractured pelvis, fractured shoulders, fractured spine … I mean along with my u supportative living situation with my mother and her EVIL husband that I constantly get demeaned daily … my own mother doesn’t even believe I am sick, she’s called me a Junkie 3 times all because I am on ONE pain med for ALL the pain I endure and even that doesn’t give me a half normal life .. I also have a huge hernia that was told cannot take out because I will die on the table so Hopkins put me as Terminally ill 😷.. and now my mother is moving and I was told I need to find a place to live .. and I am to the point in my health to where I need constant care…. SO AFTER ALL OF THIS that I actually deal with daily I still find a way to put a smile on my face … I use to smile all the time and laugh and love life but now I do t see the point .. the only reason I am pushing is for my twin boys … they are my life and soul … but if anyone has any ideas of a person like me could look into for living that’s not a nursing home could you please share ??? I was told about apartment complexes ran by health care and for disability patients like myself… sorry for the book but needed to vent …. Thank u for listening ♥️♥️ #beingsickSUX #smile