Today I am on Day 7 of a Love Myself Challenge. Some see me as this strong, independent, hard working mom and think how could she not Love herself. It’s wasn’t until 2012, I started to like myself. I was in the US Navy, I’ve given a child up for adoption, I have 2 degrees, I’ve done my best at raising two beautiful kiddos, I’m a College Instructor, but I’m here to tell you...none of that meant anything to me. I wasn’t proud of myself. I continued to hit bumps in the road personally, but continued to make progress.

Over the past year and a half I have grown to accept who I am and love the person I am. And when I look in the mirror I can say “I love you, I truly love you”. I’ve had to learn that if I don’t love and accept who I am, I’m not wholeheartedly able to share a compassionate love to others. I still struggle, I’ve spent years caught up with my past (I’m a... I need “closure” kinda gal). I’ve overcame many obstacles, which could make for an interesting book. I’m making progress in my own time without the internal mental pressure consuming my mind with what others think.

I turn 40 this year and the pages in my 2019 365-day journal will be different. I’ve accepted what I cannot change and I’m excited to continue loving myself and encouraging those who want to follow my journey this year! Look at yourself in the mirror and say “I love you” and if you can’t start off with “I like you and I really want to love you!”
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