I had the most amazing experience today and am totally in awe of my best friend. I was lucky/unlucky enough for her to be trying to break my arm as she gave birth to beautiful little Ellysa-May she’s a feisty one. At the same time I felt lost and envious and almost jealous because I only had one child, I have 3 step kids that I adore but I don’t feel like a real woman, I’ve put on weight and I’m not being my true me. I had a hysterectomy before I was 30. I’m now almost 42 and I don’t want another child, but because of that I don’t feel great at all about my looks I’m covered in tattoos got a half shaved head, but the thing that got me the most was my #Loveofmylife /worstenemy who kinda cracked it at me because it was an issue for me to get back home. Am I wrong for waking him because I’m terrified of being trapped.