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Physically beside you but lightyears away. #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Love #Emptyness #Forgiveness #lack of selfworth #Lettinggo

I love her fiercely. I could write a love story like none before based solely on our life as one...
So why can I not say it to her everyday? Why can I not show her how much my life has changed?... How Every.Little.Thoughtful.Word has pieced together a heart and soul which shattered long ago, before she watched
the pieces turned to sand. One by one. She stood by my side waiting for our time. Watching in horror as everyone from my mother and family to friends and exes break me down. Each day of my 'old life' is filled with memories that bounce back and forth between sleepless nights in fear of the terrors, a painful addiction I have allowed to take over. My mind races, I see the faces of my two little ones. Lost to my mother... But safe and together which is what really matters, still every day I cry for hours on end. Missing them is the only pain worse than the fear I have that one day she will wake up and realize that I am not worth the effort, the time or the headache.
Yet everyday as she pulls me close and tells me that day will never come, that no one could ever take my place and I will be at her side for all the coming years of our lives.
#Loveofmylife #amazingwife

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How do you get over an ex? #Breakups #Lettinggo #soulmate #heartbreak #movingon

We were together for 5 years. It was a long distance relationship but we talked every night on skype. We would talk till we were almost asleep, say good night, and go to sleep. It became a routine. We would see each other every couple of months for an extended weekend if not longer. We took road trips together. He came and stayed with me for 6 months. He became part of my family. I bought a house that was going to be our house. We shared thoughts, emotions, and ideas. We had a connection. We laughed together and cried together. He was my soul mate. I truly feel I will never find a love like his. Well, that all changed when 6 months ago he decided to move to a different country with a woman. He said we will always be friends and that he will always love me. He said he would email and let me know how he’s doing and keep in touch. I have heard from him once. So he obviously has moved on. How do I move on? I still love him so much. I still think about him daily. I miss him so much. #Loveofmylife

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#BestfriendandFP #Myfamilybychoice

I had the most amazing experience today and am totally in awe of my best friend. I was lucky/unlucky enough for her to be trying to break my arm as she gave birth to beautiful little Ellysa-May she’s a feisty one. At the same time I felt lost and envious and almost jealous because I only had one child, I have 3 step kids that I adore but I don’t feel like a real woman, I’ve put on weight and I’m not being my true me. I had a hysterectomy before I was 30. I’m now almost 42 and I don’t want another child, but because of that I don’t feel great at all about my looks I’m covered in tattoos got a half shaved head, but the thing that got me the most was my #Loveofmylife /worstenemy who kinda cracked it at me because it was an issue for me to get back home. Am I wrong for waking him because I’m terrified of being trapped.


The #Loveofmylife

My Wife of over 5 years suffers from severe anxiety and depression from a very stressful and tragic last few years. I have finally realized that I have not actually helps as much as I thought I was and am ready to become the supportive husband I need and want to be. Please comment advise on how to help as an outsider who doesn’t fully understand!!

#Anxiety #AnxietyAttacks #AnxietyDisorders #Depression


Living with #Anxiety and #Depression

Struggled most of the week, couldn’t face work from Wednesday, culminating in a complete melt down on Friday. Thank good for my wife #Loveofmylife got me out of the house and feel a little more positive today. In the gym trying to beat the demons down.