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I'm probably completely wrong

Two of my coworkers, whom I thought were friends and cared apparently don' boss called me in early to her office, and the company nurse was there too; asking me if my "chronic health issue" was keeping me from doing my job.? The chronic health issues they were referring to are my 5 diagnosis of mental Illness. I talk about them yes, cause I studied them so I can recognize them.. my coworkers thoughts and feelings are "why is it our problem?" "We don't really care, we're here to work get paid and go home." The irony of this is that we work with developmentally disabled adults, some of them have some of the same issues I have, especially anxiety.. they still don't care.. I feel like an idiot because I thought I was helping..I was way probably blowing this out of proportion. I feel like I shouldn't even post this cause it's stupid, and I'm complaining.. #Anxiety #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #SocialPhobia #biopolardisorder #PanicDisorder

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