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19 Memes That Might Make You Laugh If You've Ever Been Manic

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Written by Felix Kalvesmaki.

Sometimes, dealing with bipolar disorder can be overwhelming, and it can be very easy to get bogged down with its symptoms. Despite the euphoria many experience, mania is no exception to this. Mania can be hard to deal with on a regular basis, especially when your emotions feel out of your control.

• What is Bipolar disorder?

For some people, one way to deal with this is to reclaim your experience through laughter. After all, sometimes it’s easier to laugh than it is to cry. Not everyone feels like laughing about their mania (which is totally OK!), but for those who do, we compiled a list of memes that may bring a smile to your face. Hopefully you’ll laugh at our selections below:


A screenshot of Marge and Homer from The Simpsons. Homer is wide-eyed, on his knees, with both hands in the air, and smiling widely. Marge has her hand on her forehead, looking disappointed.
From xa550 on Tumblr.


Text reads: "Me when I find out I'm good at yet another thing." The photo is of Oprah shrugging and looking confident.
From @mytherapistsays on Instagram.


Text reads: "When it's 3 a.m. and the mania hits," and the image is of a young woman's face photoshopped onto a strawberry. The strawberry has arms and legs, and is in an energetic stance.
From the bipolar_irl subreddit, posted by user u/bearNkitten.


Screenshots from "The Office." Two pieces of paper are presented to a woman. They say "mania" and "a good mental health day," and the text at the bottom of the photo reads "Corporate needs you to find the differences between this picture and this picture." Pam says "They're the same picture."
From the bipolar_irl subreddit, posted by user u/cmmwarren1992.


Text reads: When I'm having a mental breakdown and pass a mirror. One photo is of a hamster, looking very scared. The other is of a hamster smiling and flashing a peace sign.
From @mytherapistsays on Instagram.


Text reads: Taking myself off of my antipsychotics like: and the image is of a cartoon young woman with an evil smile standing in front of an all-encompassing fire.
From @bipolar_beauty153 on Instagram.


Two photos of Drake, one looking disapproving and the other approving. Text next to each of them reads: "Suffering from bipolar disorder."
From @bipolarbeauty_153 on Instagram.


Post from @crazystaglady on Tumblr. Text reads: " is life going?" Me:" And the image below "Me:" is a photo of a tired, messy, wet man sitting in a lobster tank.
From crazystaglady on Tumblr.


Post from lamotriginerash on Tumblr. Text reads: Me: please let me sleep I AM BEGGING YOU, Mania: . Under "Mania:" there is a picture of Homer Simpson looking messy and tired in a robe saying: "Can't sleep. Gonna die."
From lamotriginerash on Tumblr.


Post from nepetalejions on Tumblr. Text reads: when you make a mistake. The image below the text is a message that says "Oh no," and a notification that says "seen by everyone."
From nepetalejions on Tumblr.


Tweet from @geraldinreverse on Tumblr. Tweet reads: "well, well, well, if it isn't the consequences of my own actions"
From @geraldinreverse on Twitter.


Post from bpdmoth on Tumblr. Text reads: me: *does something impulsively that i immediately regret* Me @ me: When will you learn? When will you learn that your actions have consequences?
From bpdmoth on Tumblr.


Heading on the photo reads: Being in a good mood for more than one day. The image is Leslie Knope from Parks and Recreation looking distressed, saying "I know this is a trap, but I don't know how."
From the bipolar_irl subreddit, posted by user u/pelvis—presley.


Tumblr post from deliriouscas. The text reads: "I love that bipolar mood (trademark symbol) when crying turns to pure rage and then crying once again.
From deliriouscas on Tumblr.


Text reads: Friend: Can I ask for your advice on something? Me (have never made a decision that didn't fuck me over for months afterward): yes absolutely
From @mytherapistsays on Instagram.


Text reads: "Me: *does something stupid* I hope no one saw me do that. Also me: *texting all my friends* Listen to what I just did
From @mytherapistsays on Instagram.


Tumblr post from borderlinerat. It reads: "That one symptom: *emerges from the darkness, snapping its fingers rhythmically* Me: Oh boy, here we fucking go*
From borderlinerat on Tumblr.


Text reads: Me: I really need to sleep. My bipolar: Why sleep when you can be manic all night long? Me: Please let me sleep. My bipolar: All...night...long. :)
From bipolar and other mental illness memes on Facebook.


Text above the photo reads: Trying to hold a conversation while manic. The photo is two screenshots. One is a distorted image of a man saying "I am the golden god," the other not distorted, and features the same man smiling and saying "Sorry, I lost control there for a second."

Experiencing mania is never easy. But it can feel comforting to know you’re not alone, and sometimes, to laugh at your own symptoms. Hopefully these memes remind you that it’s OK to smile at your mental illness, and that even though sometimes it’s a scary thing to deal with, it’s doesn’t always have to be.

Originally published: February 26, 2019
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