I can't just say Black Lives Matter without thinking about Black Disable Lives Matter. As you know I live with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome on a daily basis. Anytime you hear about EDS or Google EDS, all you see is white people speaking about how this invisible disease affect their lives. Well first let me say that EDS affects ALL RACES! Yet there is no representation of it. I wish I had an answer for why this is the case but I can see there is change happening in the EDS community. I would love to see change for the disabled black and brown period. Did you know that I am NOT given the absolutely best quality of treatment like someone that is caucasian?! Did you know that I've had been told by doctors that they have never seen EDS in a black person so I must have been misdiagnosed? Yes I have heard those words! I've been told it is all in my head and have been dismissed countless times. I've seen black children that have disabilities be treated so differently than white children. From insurance companies to actually nurses and doctors just refuse to give a black person like myself the best medicine, best quality of care and even the bedside manner has been sexist and racist. We can't say Black Lives Matter without saying that Black Disable Lives Matters, Black LGBTQ community Matters! How many kids have to die to get the message? How many people like me have to looked over and misdiagnosed because the color of our skin? We deserve the best treatment like anyone else! The art above is from a beautiful Queen name Jen White Johnson who is an Afro-Puetorrican mother to an autistic son. I fell in love with her art as well as her fight for her son! Thank you for inspiring me to write about this Jen White Johnson! You matter and your beautiful son matter! Keep fighting!

Ana ❤🦓💪🏾

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