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    Do not interact with me if you believe that equality movements are “no longer needed” | TW mentions of racism, sexism, sexual assault, transphobia

    Also TW for some caps and swearing
    Some a-hole on a Fandom page claims that equality movements such as Black Lives Matter and MeToo are “no longer needed since it’s popular in Western society”.

    …Excuse me?!

    Black trans women are still being murdered to this day. Many women are still getting raped to this day. And DO NOT SAY “but men get raped too” as an excuse! Yes, it’s sad and it should never happen to ANYONE, but saying that as a combat is just an attempt to excuse the situation or make it seem little. It’s sickening and gross.

    Black folks are still being targeted for racism especially by the authorities. Black churches are burning. Asians were JUST compared to the virus not that long ago and still are today (please don’t say the virus name, it haunts me). Non-white folks and LGBTQ+ folks are still facing unfair challenges such as pay gaps, unequal healthcare, sexist/racist/queerphobic remarks on a day to fucking day basis. Non-binary and genderqueer folks are STILL often ignored in our society.

    Just because they are fucking popular sayings or beliefs DOESN’T MEAN that there are little issues or that they’re “no longer needed”. That is such a horrible, disgusting, pig-ish way to even look at this. These are still big fucking issues that we deal with not just here, but in this world as well. They still exist on a daily basis and it’s hurting many of us, and to say that bullcrap is just so fucking selfish! 😡😡😡

    #blacklivesmatter #Feminism #stopAAIPhate #unfair #triggerwarning #Sexism #Racism #Racism #MeToo #ignorance #anger

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    #Letters4TransKids - "You Know Who You Are!"

    📺 - #Letters4TransKids - "You Know Who You Are!"

    🗣 - “I want you to be fully you, whoever that turns out to be. And it’s okay if it takes time to figure it out. That’s part of what being a kid is supposed to be all about—figuring out who you are.” - Ina Fried

    ‼️ - #Letters4TransKids

    #Letters4TransKids is a social media campaign started by Ina Fried to support trans kids targeted by legislative attacks. Provide encouragement, support & comfort to #trans youth in the face of anti-trans legislation!

    If you can say #blacklivesmatter , if you can say #EveryChildMatters , if you denounce anti-Asian racism, if you can #standforukraine , if you are left-handed:

    Then, you can support trans kids. This needs you to act right now.

    ❗️ - Watch! Comment! Share!

    * 📺 - #Letters4TransKids - "You Know Who You Are!"

    * 👍🏻 - Please like & share this to help get heard!

    * ✉️ - End anti-2SLGBTQIA+ abuse!

    Feedback I have received includes:

    * “Wow, you are yelling. Depends on your goal but some ppl might not make it through. Darkside INFJ going full ESTP 😛”

    * “And you may have just inspired someone to stand up for themselves as your anger gives them permission to feel it too.”

    The anger is real. Kids are under attack, and too many people are not speaking up!
Please hear the message. Please share yours when you're done. #Letters4TransKids

    📒 - Alt Information

    * Text: #Letters4TransKids "I want you to be fully you, whoever that turns out to be. And it's okay if it takes time to figure it out. That's part of what being a kid is - figuring supposed to be all about figuring out who you are. - Ina Fried

    * Description: Text is overlaid on a blurred background that resembles the trans pride flag - blue, pink, white, pink, blue. A picture of a blonde woman in an orange shirt is on the left.

    * Captions: Automated

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    Black Lives Matter Should Not Be A Trend To White People

    I remember the news of George Floyd’s passing. I remember it so vividly. I remember seeing the video of him. I cry and I hurt so badly every time I replay it in my mind.

    You may be asking why, why does it bother me so much? It bothers me because I realized that my very existence is expendable to those who are in authority positions, like the police, government etc.

    I am also part of the LGBTQIA+ community. Having multiple intersecting oppressions makes life extremely difficult at times. It’s hard to see my friends, family and comrades be targeted for living their authentic lives.

    Unfortunately, inequality based on race and skin color will always exist until white people treating social movements like Black Lives Matter as trendy topics to tweet about affer getting their morning coffee.

    Our struggles as Black people are real and raw. White people need to stop expecting us to educate them on why racism is an important issue to combat. Start learning about the roots of racism and use your privilege and power to help ease our suffering.

    I notice that after every death, the trend comes back. I am not saying, by any means, that it is not good to talk about but white people need to get off their keyboards and get into protests. Instead of tweeting their own takes on these issues, I so longingly urge them to step away and amplify a Black individuals take on the matter.

    Remember, there is no change without action. There is no change without revolution. There is no change without love. There is no change without hope.

    Please start talking, but more importantly, start acting. Our lives are not a trend. They are precious. #Racism #blacklivesmatter

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    #CPTSD #CPTSDinrelationships 2 people with CPTSD in a relationship?

    Honest question to my #CPTSD peeps who are in relationships. Does your partner also have #CPTSD ? #PTSD ? How do you stay present with eachother and support eachother in each of your separate recovery? I am talking to and technically dating my formerly ex-boyfriend who I broke things off with in October so we could focus on recovery and school. I am obviously in a really bad place right now and not in any position to be in a sexual relationship and believe me I’m not. We are actually both #ChildhoodSexualAbuse survivors and both of us have used sex historically in a very dysfunctional way (keeping sex and love separate) and I have set some serious boundaries with him (last time we were together, lockdown set the boundaries for me). Only *hugs* and not even hand holding until sometime AFTER I get back from treatment. He’s doing really well and has honestly been a very important figure in my life for the past week, I was very suicidal and he drew on his own experiences with suicidality and hopelessness and our shared faith in the #Christian God and he has helped me down off a very bad suicidal ledge twice now. He’s doing very well but was not doing well when I broke things off and I guess he came across my picture after I had broken it off and it gave him hope to get back into recovery even though he had no guarantees he’d ever see me again. We understand what eachother is going through and we help and somehow inspire eachother and we’ve known and liked eachother for 3 years. Most of which we were not dating. We are keeping it completely asexual although we are together romantically. We honestly don’t even hold hands or kiss. I told him we may never physically get closer than this and he still wants to be with me and only me. We’ve both been living #asexual lives for years and neither of us have any interest in rushing things or even necessarily ever getting past the hugging stage and not intimate hugs. We have had many conversations about consent over the time we’ve been a couple both before and now. He told m basically No and STOP are both complete sentences and I am completely allowed to say them at any time I’m ever uncomfortable for any reason no questions asked. He’s gentle and a literal gentleman and kind and empathetic and supportive and honestly I’m glad this is happening now BEFORE I go to treatment so it’s something I can work on IN inpatient complex trauma survivors. My safe parents and sister all approve. I actually got a very adorable lecture from my mom last night about how he and I inspire eachother.I for one know he makes me feel chosen and loved in a way I never have with anyone besides him. Any thoughts? Positive/neutral/negative?

    Also any thoughts about how to deal with my fears for his life as a white woman dating a black man post 2020? He tells me not to worry but I can’t help it. This isn’t my first interracial relationship by any means but 2020 really woke me up. I’m a big #blacklivesmatter supporter and 2020 hit me hard.

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    " I understand that I will never understand. However, I stand."



    RPD Needs to Stop!

    Trigger warning

    This evening I witnessed the ROCHESTER, NY police department open fire on what was a peaceful protest following the murder and cover up of Daniel Prude. At the front of the line was a group of elected officials who sought to be the unifying tie to ensure everyone remained safe and that police and protestors did not overstep their boundaries together and remained peaceful. The police, complete with attack dogs on hand reminiscent of racism in the 60s, shot from the back of their line at the clearly marked press, then the peaceful protestors while simultaneously shooting the elected officials in the head with pepper spray cans and "non lethal" rounds.Only then did some protestors engage. I watched in horror as the people who swore to protect us did this to my fellow citizens.

    Why do I share this tonight? Because as someone with mental illnesses, the fact that this all began because a psychiatric emergency department failed to do their job is how this began. Daniel's brother called 911 earlier the same evening he was murdered because he didn't know what to do and needed medical help for his brother who was experiencing a mental health crisis. The police are the ones who showed up. Daniel ended up eventually being taken by ambulance to UR Medicine Strong Memorial Hospital. Once there he was given care for the episode he was in. Despite his family saying they didn't believe he was safe to leave they discharged him back to the family. They did not prescribe any medications, or anything. Nothing.
    A few hours later Daniel entered another episode in which he stripped off his clothes and began running and fled outside the house. His brother frantically called 911 for help fearing for his brothers safety and wellbeing. Again the police show up. This time they take a man they already know is having a mental health crisis, they throw him to the ground while nude, they taunt him, put a hood over his head and kneel on his neck while laughing and carrying on. They take his limp body and put him into the ambulance and take him to strong where he is barely holding onto life and eventually succumbs.

    This mental health crisis is not something new or out of the ordinary. It is a standard crisis seen in any area of health care let alone in society. The fact that a man died because his family did the right thing that every resource says and called for help is heinous. What does this say to every other person out there? What does this say in particular to black citizens out there? Even when they need help they have to stop and think of wether or not they will get it or die! They have to stop and considder wether an ambulance or a hearse with a gunman is going to show up and hurt them while they're already hurting. I am so heart broken. I am so offended. And I am so angry. I barely have enough words here to even describe this. #blacklivesmatter #DanielPrude #Rochester #MentalHealth #HealthCare #Trauma #justice #violence