My 28 yr old daughter has been diagnosed with BPD & has a counsellor but she has so many memories that are false that I don’t see how anyone can help her based on what she is telling her Counsellor. She really believes that these memories are real & has cut her self off from the whole family. She has two daughters & I worry for their mental health. She is convinced that I’m the reason for her BPD even though her birth father was diagnosed with a Personality Disorder. How do you get through to someone with BPD who is adamant things happened in her childhood that we know for certain didn’t.? She seems to take other people’s memories & make them her own & has always told stories of things happening to her from being a child & was obsessed with wanting to live in a children’s home & would do things in the hope of me giving up on her which she knew I’d never do. She was referred to CAMHS at 12 when I found cutting equipment & suicide notes in her room but they never really helped her. She was 4 when I split from her father & her brother was 10 & he didn’t have much to do with either of them. I remarried when she was 6 & my step-daughter came to live with us when she was 12 which is when her behaviour got worse. As an adult she started seeing her father regularly but cut him off too as she said he didn’t take her mental health seriously & was only concerned with himself. We’ve always walked on eggshells around her as we were scared of what she’d do next. I miss her & my granddaughters terribly & just don’t know how to help her. Any advice would be helpful #Parent #adult #childwithbpd #