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30 Memes That Nail What It's Like to Have Chronic Fatigue

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Chronic fatigue can be a symptom of a wide variety of chronic and mental illnesses, and is different than chronic fatigue syndrome/myalgic encephalomyelitis – a disease with its own particular set of symptoms. Chronic fatigue may involve feeling sleepy, but the weariness and exhaustion is generally more severe and debilitating than the tiredness a healthy person may feel after not getting enough sleep one night.

Living with chronic fatigue can be challenging both physically and emotionally, and can affect a person’s ability to do everyday tasks – even activities most people don’t give a second thought to, like taking a shower or even just standing up. But sometimes, humor can be a powerful coping mechanism for dealing with the struggles of always being fatigued. If laughter helps you cope, you may enjoy the following memes.

1. When your fatigue is chronic:

I don't always have fatigue... actually no, I always have fatigue
via @supportforspoonies Instagram

2. When getting out of bed is an accomplishment:

other people in my age group are like, I went to this party yesterday! it was crazy! and I'm just like, I got out of bed yesterday! it was crazy!

3. When you feel permanently exhausted:

being tired isn't a temporary feeling for me anymore. at this point it has become part of my personality
via the-seizure-blog Tumblr

4. When the fatigue strikes during morning, noon and night:

that's my clock, with a drawing of a clock where all 12 times say 'tired'
via theautoimmuneanomaly Tumblr

5. When it always feels like a good time to collapse in bed:

current mood: woman lying face down in bed
via @supportforspoonies Instagram

6. When the fatigue is hitting hard and you’re still trying to function:

when someone asks how you are feeling, with andy samburg shrieking
via chronically-ill-club Tumblr

7. When your bed is your ride-or-die:

living with chronic fatigue be like: I wanna marry my bed
via ehlersdanloszebra Tumblr

8. When healthy friends try to relate:

"man I get how you feel, I'm so tired today," with lucille bluth giving a side eye
via dontletthefibrogetyoudown Tumblr

9. When you know the fatigue isn’t going away anytime soon:

I feel like I am already tired tomorrow
via @mychronicillness Instagram

10. When you’re exhausted, always:

my life in 4 pictures: with daria looking tired or sleeping
via cfsjourney Tumblr

11. When you’re talented enough to nap anywhere:

i found my olympic talent... with a woman lying down sleeping on the ice
via @mytherapistsays Instagram

12. When healthy friends say they “get it”:

me: living with chronic fatigue is so awful. it feels like I'm living in slow motion. friend: yeah I totally get you! I'm always tired too! me: scooby doo looking angry and holding up a finger and shaking his head no
via chronicillnesslife Tumblr

13. When getting out of bed just isn’t going to happen:

me just trying to get out of my bed and function today
via @fitfibrochronicals Instagram

14. When you need to be ready to collapse anywhere, anytime:

man wearing a puffy black suit
via @myillnessmythoughts Instagram

15. When the fatigue hits out of nowhere:

when you have a day out, and chronic fatigue kicks in: girl lying down in the sand on the beach and saying "i take a nap right here"
via eds-stripes Tumblr

16. When you’re always in the mood to rest:

current mood: black and white photo of woman lying down sleeping on the couch
via @supportforspoonies Instagram

17. When each task requires a few recovery days:

want to do something today? can't, did a thing yesterday

18. When one night’s sleep just isn’t enough:

folks with chronic fatigue be like: we've had one night's sleep, yes, but how about a second night's sleep?
via artekka Tumblr

19. When your weekend plans involve pajamas and your bed:

when you're ready to sleep away the weekend by 5 p.m. on friday, with a dog lying on the couch in a robe saying 'i love a wild friday night'
via @supportforspoonies Instagram

20. When the fatigue hits, regardless of what you have (or haven’t) done:

I haven't even done anything today yet, and yet: old cartoon man saying "soon my body will explode from exhaustion"
via fibrofogdaze Tumblr

21. When people don’t understand that sleep is not the “cure”:

"maybe you wouldn't be so tired if you went to bed early--" person's hand holding stop sign
via @supportforspoonies Instagram

22. When you wake up even more tired than before you went to bed:

my mom: how can you be tired, didn't you just wake up? me: cartoon animal looking tired
via sylveonwishes Tumblr

23. When you just don’t have the energy to go out:

'plans cancelled' first of all, thank god
via @supportforspoonies Instagram

24. When sleep doesn’t affect how tired you are:

I just want to wake up without being tired, is that too much to ask for??
via @Endoandme Twitter

25. When you’re too fatigued to get out of bed:

this is me: cartoon of someone thinking "I have so much to do today" but staying in bed all day
via cfsjourney Tumblr

26. When the energy just isn’t there:

I really wanted to work out today, but my body said no
via @jjfitincali Instagram

27. When dry shampoo is your BFF:

I'm like 95% dry shampoo, 300% exhausted and 20% caffeine
via @leboutique3 Twitter

28. When even coffee can’t touch your level of fatigue:

when you try to caffeinate yourself and just end up increasing your heart rate with no changes in exhaustion
via chronicallyugh Tumblr

29. When you’re trying to explain that chronic fatigue isn’t just “being tired”:

spongebob saying: this isn't your average everyday fatigue. this is..... advanced fatigue
via go-to-rakuen Tumblr

30. When you’re finally able to shower and celebrate with a two-day nap:

you don't know what fatigue is until you've had to rest after taking a shower
via @RA_Guy Twitter
Originally published: March 8, 2018
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