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12 Memes That Might Make You Laugh If Your Illness Doesn't Have a Cure

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There’s nothing funny about living with a chronic, lifelong illness – one that, by nature, doesn’t have a cure. It can be frustrating, draining, and physically and emotionally taxing to have to manage a health condition day in and day out.

But there can be some ridiculous – even silly – moments, too. Like when you tell someone you have a chronic, incurable illness and they tell you to “feel better soon”… Sometimes I think those of us with chronic illness should go around handing out little pieces of paper that define the word “chronic” on them. Why do some people not grasp the concept?!

If laughing helps you cope with the struggles of living with an incurable illness, you’ve come to the right place. We hope the following memes make your day just a little bit brighter.


me: I want a sparkling unicorn for christmas. santa: be realistic. me: I want a cure for my chronic illness. santa: in what color do you want the unicorn?
via @myillnessmythoughts Instagram


"so when are you getting better?" um, never?
via @naomimoxham Instagram


doc: 5 years ago we wouldn't be able to treat your disease. me: wow that's crazy. doc: today we still can't lol
via @baptain_brunch Instagram


me: i'm sorry i can't go my illness is acting up. them: but you've been sick forever, i thought you were over that. me: nope, still have this lifelong condition. them: *computing*
via @maebee_not_the_best_memes Instagram

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when another year has gone by and there's still no cure for your illness
via @chronicpainjokes Instagram


*talking to someone post surgery* them: so you're cured now, right?
via @endowarrior710 Instagram


me: explains what a chronic illness is. healthy person: forever ever
via @fibro_warriors Instagram


shirt that says "pain is temporary" and a woman screaming "LIAR"
via @sirenstatus Instagram


when someone says they know the cure to your incurable disease
via @chronicillnessmemes Instagram


Me:theres no cure to my illness, im trying to come to terms with that. Abled person: but there must be soemthing!! Have you considered– Me: *blank stare*
via thechronicchillpill Tumblr


person: you're still sick?? me: I have a chronic illness. chronically ill am I. my illness is chronic. I experience my illness in a chronic fashion. chronically. i will experience illness. chronic. illness.
via @chronicillnesshumor Instagram


I don't always get a disease, but when I do there is no cure
via Pinterest
Originally published: January 14, 2019
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