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16 Memes That Nail What It's Like to Get Sick When You Already Have a Chronic Illness

Everyone knows that getting a cold or the flu is pretty annoying. But for people with chronic illnesses, coming down with a common seasonal sickness can be more than just an annoying week of having to blow your nose and rest. Having a chronic illness can make cold and flu symptoms even worse, and the reverse might even happen — you might experience more severe symptoms of your chronic illness as a result of your cold or flu. “It’s just a cold!” otherwise healthy people might say, but chronic warriors know a seasonal sickness can turn into so much more than that.

Already being chronically ill and then having to deal with common sicknesses on top of that might make you feel like you want to cry, then laugh at the ridiculousness of it all. As if life hasn’t thrown you enough challenges already! Sometimes, laughing at the unique problems only your fellow chronic warriors understand can help you cope. We’ve rounded up 16 memes that might make you laugh if you’ve ever dealt with the double whammy of chronic illness and seasonal sickness.

1. When your health challenges just won’t quit:

cat in cone with text when i said it couldnt get any worse i didnt mean that as a challenge

2. When you aren’t exactly “looking your best”:

actress looking pretty while sick and real person looking bad while sick

3. When your sickness means “adulting” is not an option:


text that says i dont want to adult today, ii dont even want to human today. today i want to dog. i'll be lying on the floor in the sun please pet me and bring me snacks
via @anelmartins Instagram

4. When it feels like illnesses are stalking you…

meme with text illnesses follow you around like and cartoon of girl being followed by cat
via @chronicillnessmemes Instagram

5. Trying to avoid those germs like:

drawing of skeleton creature reaching out for frog holding its hand out to stop it. text when somebody who has the flu tries to give you a hug
via Bitch Please Facebook

6. When it’s never “just a cold”:

dos equis man with text i dont always get sick but when i do i get a double ear infection, pneumonia and a sinus infection
via Her Campus

7. When you’re sick but still have a lot on your to-do list:

old man shrugging shoulders with text me wondering how im going to get through this week, guess i'll die
via Her Campus

8. When your friends ask you why you can’t go out:

buzz and woody and text sick people, sick people everywhere
via The FW

9. When you don’t have enough sick days so you gotta work through that cold:

woman looking like zombie on train and text when you died but you dont have any more sick days so you got to go to work
via LovinDubai

10. When your flu leaves you feeling even more freezing than usual:

ron swanson wearing a coat and hat and text please turn the thermostat up to 90 and leave me alone
via topmobiletrends

11. When you have to force yourself to leave your house:

ET wearing dress and hat and text when you're trying to look nice but you haven't slept in five years
via allthemoms

12. When you have a chronic illness and the flu, and people still think you “don’t look sick”:

somecards meme with text but you dont look sick. please tell me what does sick look like. i'll make sure to try and get it right next time
via The Mighty

13. When someone coughs and then touches you:

robbie williams using hand sanitizer and making a face
via @zoelondondj Twitter

14. When a cold + chronic illness = pretty much impossible to sleep:

text friend: are you getting enough sleep? me: sometimes when i sneeze, my eyes close
via @drschnuffieswellness Instagram

15. Looking at healthy people like:

lego character and text when i see someone with a fully functioning body: I've always wanted one of those
via Instagram

16. When you meet someone else who knows how hard it is to be sick and have a chronic illness:

cartoon girl saying ive found my people
via @chronicillnessmemes Instagram
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