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15 Memes That Nail What It's Like to Go to the Doctor With a Chronic Illness

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For many people, going to the doctor for the flu, a minor injury or even just a check-up is often fairly routine. The doctor diagnoses the issue, provides you with medication or a course of treatment, and soon you’re back to feeling healthy. But for those with chronic illness, doctor appointments can be a much different story.

First of all, having a “chronic” illness unfortunately means there’s no cure, and certainly no easy fix. Different medications and treatments may help you manage your symptoms, but often this requires working with your doctor to go through a great deal of trial and error. But this assumes your doctor is familiar with your condition, and has ideas about how to help you. In reality, many doctors aren’t super knowledgeable about every rare, chronic condition out there. It may take multiple visits to multiple specialists to find a medical team that can help you manage your illness.

Although going to the doctor is necessary, it can sometimes be a bit frustrating. But some aspects – like knowing more than your doctor about your condition – are so ridiculous you just have to laugh.

If you’re a regular at your doctor’s office, you may enjoy the following memes:

1. When your doctor has never heard of your illness:

me to some doctors: I don't believe that man has ever been to medical school!
via @just_spoonie_things Instagram

2. When the doctor is never on time:

when you rush to get to a doctors appointment and they're running two hours late
via superspydaisy Tumblr

3. When it would be easier to ask what doesn’t hurt:

when you go to the doctor as a spoonie... doctor: what hurts? me: gestures everywhere
via tearsofmyfandom Tumblr

4. When the waiting room is basically your second home:

waiting for the doctor like...
via @chronicallyillfighters Instagram

5. When all that internet research pays off:

when the doctor confirms your self-diagnoses
via @lyme_inside Instagram

6. When the doctor asks you to describe all your symptoms:

jimmy fallon asking "do you mind if we spend a couple hours together?"
via @spoonsandme Instagram

7. When you’re trying to remember everything the doctor is saying:

trying to swallow all the info the doctor just threw at you
via @supportforspoonies Instagram

8. When you have to explain your health issues to a new doctor:

the doctor's face while reading my charts
via @chronicallyillfighters Instagram

9. When you have to brace yourself for the doctor’s prognosis:

when the doctor sits down in front of you after a check-up, takes off gloves and sighs
via @supportforspoonies Instagram

10. When your doctor has to Google your illness:

yeah, if my doctor could not use google and webmd in front of me that'd be great
via Doctor Memes Facebook page

11. When your lab results don’t reveal how you really feel:

good news! your lab results look great. everything is normal. you're the picture of health.

12. When the doctor doesn’t really understand your struggles:

doctor: have you been exercising? me: does writhing in pain count?
via @spwarriortweets Twitter

13. When your doctors can’t figure out how to help you:

so how many more years of tests before I can be referred to dr. house?
via princessmovieticket Tumblr

14. When the doctor asks for all your medical records:

gathering your medical records
via @ladychariot Instagram

15. When you find a doctor who listens to you and believes you:

when you have a good doctor
via @supportforspoonies Instagram
Originally published: February 9, 2018
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