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Non-Edible Items to Give Someone With Dietary Restrictions at Easter

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Easter is one of those celebrations where often those with dietary requirements as well as those who struggle to eat enough or at all are left not properly catered to. When you’re struggling with your own or your child’s medical needs, you are faced with a whole host of problems while also struggling with different places not catering to problems that result in being unable to eat.

In the recent months I’ve seen lots of different varieties of Easter eggs available within shops as well as to order online. There is such an enormous selection of eggs this year, something to suit everyone, or so the common misconception goes. Those with dietary requirements or difficulties with eating (due to a multitude of different reasons) are often left feeling left out even more than they normally do.

In a way it’s understandable why companies often don’t think to cater to those who face problems consuming normal chocolate eggs. When you live a “normal” life where you’re able to consume some/any food, then you may take that ability for granted and not really give it a second thought. You may feel it’s a “given” that other people can enjoy Easter treats, just like those who don’t face dietary requirements.

I’ve compiled a list of different non-food items that could be given to someone instead of giving them an edible egg. This ensures no one is left out at Easter and even those with special dietary requirements don’t have to go without. I will split the next bit into two separate lists, one for babies/younger children and one for teenagers/adults, as even older people would love to be thought of on Easter. A unique idea could be to make up a package with various items that can be tailored for the person’s age/gender/likes/dislikes, etc.):

Babies/Younger children

  1. Clothes
  2. Toys
  3. Sensory items
  4. Glow sticks/bracelets/necklaces
  5. Balloons (ensure child isn’t allergic to latex if using latex balloons)
  6. Bubbles
  7. Stickers
  8. Temporary tattoos
  9. Coloring pencils/pens/crayons/marker pens
  10. Pencil case
  11. Erasers
  12. Pencil toppers
  13. Slinky
  14. Coins
  15. Finger puppets
  16. Notebooks
  17. Coloring books
  18. Book
  19. Educational items
  20. Bouncy balls
  21. Bunny ears
  22. DVD
  23. Toy jewelry
  24. Cuddly toy
  25. Play makeup
  26. Craft activities
  1. Money
  2. Sensory items
  3. Pencil case
  4. Coloring pencils/pens
  5. Coloring book
  6. Craft activities
  7. Notebook
  8. Makeup
  9. Makeup bag
  10. Subscription to a video game they play
  11. Giftcard
  12. Makeup
  13. Book
  14. Bookmark
  15. Jewelry
  16. Perfume/aftershave
  17. Clothes
  18. Toiletries
  19. Inspiring quote items
  20. Pillow
  21. DVD
  22. CD
  23. Hand sanitizer
  24. Purse/wallet
  25. Handbag/backpack
  26. A trip out somewhere
Originally published: April 14, 2019
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