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14 Products That Help People Manage Nausea

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We hope the products below, all recommended by our Mighty community members, help you or a loved one in your health journeys. Just so you know, The Mighty may collect a share of sales from the Amazon links on this page. Prices and product availability are accurate as of update on May 29, 2020.

Any medical information included is based on a personal experience. For questions or concerns regarding health, please consult a doctor or medical professional.

Nausea can arise for any number of reasons. It can be a symptom of your illness or a side effect of your medication or maybe nausea and vomiting is how your body reacts to elevated levels of stress and anxiety. Whatever the reason, nausea can be a frustrating and uncomfortable symptom to deal with, especially when it’s chronic.

While most of us have probably experienced nausea at one point or another, when it goes on for more than a few days it can be debilitating. Struggling with nausea can make it difficult to stay hydrated, get the nutrition your body needs, go out in public (where restrooms may not be nearby) or be around strong smells. It can even inhibit your ability to go to work or spend time with friends and family.

If you struggle with this symptom, you are not alone. We asked our Mighty community to share the “hacks” or products they use to manage nausea, and they came through with hundreds of helpful tips and advice. Of course, be sure to talk with your doctor first to come up with a treatment plan that is tailored to you and your health. Everyone is different, so there may be some methods that would work better for you than others. But if you’re looking for some new ideas to discuss during your next appointment, check out our community’s recommendations below.

1. Gum/Candies

This gum [featured below] is absolutely amazing,” said Tylor Rose Cox. “I used it to help me recover from open abdominal surgery and motion sickness.” 

sea band anti-nausea ginger gum

Buy the gum above for $7.13 from Amazon.

I know it sounds absurd, but sour candies. I’ve found if I’m very nauseous I can put a sour candy in my mouth and soon I’m much better. Sour Patch Kids work best,” wrote Joesphine Ware.

sour patch kids

Buy the candy above (5-pound bag) for $15 from Amazon.

Hayley Morris told us, “Where I live, we have a product called Gin Gins. It’s basically an all-natural ginger chew with added turmeric and it is amazing! Far better than any pills I have ever tried.”

gin-gins ginger chews

Buy the ginger candy above (pack of three) for $9.79 from Amazon.

When I was pregnant I found these Preggie Pop Drops that really helped. I still use them if I get nauseated and they help,” recommended Mags Denizkizi.

preggie pop drops

Buy the lozenges above (pack of three) for $21.91 from Amazon.

“I keep jolly ranchers in my purse,” said Ashley Walker. “I just pop one in my mouth as soon as I feel it coming on. Usually helps with nausea and dry mouth.”

jolly ranchers

Buy the candy above for $10.48 from Amazon.

2. Ginger

Athena Cleveland told us, “Besides [medication]… ginger everything. I love the candies, and instant tea that you can usually find at the Asian stores. I always have ginger ale, and have done the capsules too. I like the candies or mints because they are potent and will work very quickly!”

gin gins chewy ginger candy

Buy the ginger chews above (pack of two) for $9.03 from Amazon.

Anything ginger!” wrote Katherine Mylius Alford. “I’m slightly obsessed with it. Ginger chews or candies are great for nausea. I also drink ginger and lemon water practically all day. In the morning I cut about one inch of fresh organic ginger, grate/slice it up and enjoy. I even eat a little raw. Love it.”

ginger root

Buy the ginger root above for $3.29 from Amazon Fresh.

3. Essential Oils

I use peppermint essential oil in many ways. I put a drop in a glass of ice water, I will rub a drop in my palms and cup over my nose and mouth and breathe deeply and I will rub a few drops on my belly and rub clockwise slowly. It kicks it almost instantly!” said Erin Beckett-Gland.

Peppermint oil on the stomach, wrists and on the temples. The smell helps, and the tingling is a good distraction from the pain/sick feeling,” added Courtney Lynn Clark.

“Young Living’s peppermint essential oil [featured below] is a Godsend,” recommended Miranda McCarthy. “It is the only thing that truly helps me manage my nausea, and my cyclic vomiting syndrome symptoms.”

young living peppermint essential oil

Buy the essential oil above for $28.95 from Young Living.

Alice Jensen explained, “I have a ring with a removable scent pad in it. I put two drops of peppermint essential oil on it in the morning. If the nausea gets bad or there is an odor bothering me, I can just smell the peppermint and that helps.”

essential oil diffuser ring

Buy the diffuser ring above for $12.99 from Amazon.

Lemon essential oil!” said Amber Burden. “I often get unexplained nausea. Just a dab of oil behind each ear and under the nose brings huge relief. Peppermint essential oil also helps, but the lemon has always worked better for me.”

young living lemon essential oil

Buy the essential oil above for $15.13 from Young Living.

Kimberly Meyer recommended, “doTERRA DigestZen. It’s been a lifesaver.”

“If you’re into oils, DigestZen by doTERRA is awesome to rub on a sour tummy,” added Lindsay Davidson.

doterra digestzen oil

Buy the oil above for $44 from Amazon.

Sheri Peterson Hildreth told us, “I have a diffuser necklace that I lace with peppermint essential oil, mostly to cover scents hoping to avoid migraines, but it also works to help dispel nausea.”

essential oil diffuser necklace

Buy the diffuser necklace above for $9.99 from Amazon.

4. Breathing Techniques

“[I] worked on a study in college perfecting a breathing technique that is effective in reducing nausea and chronic pain. Five seconds inhale, four seconds exhale, five seconds hold/relax before you inhale again. Helps reset the vagus nerve and calm down the sympathetic nervous system,” explained April Brittany Scott.

stop breathe think app logo

Download the Stop, Breathe & Think app above for free from iTunes or Google Play.

Jamie Hamilton wrote, “[A] trick is putting a blanket over my head. It seems like the build-up of carbon dioxide works like breathing into a bag when you’re hyperventilating and takes down the nausea a bit. I keep a blanket, mask or some sort of cloth in the car with me at all times. This technique has bought me enough time for us to pull over.”

fleece throw blanket with portable bag

Buy the fleece blanket above for $11.99 from Amazon.

5. Salty Snacks

“Salt,” said Deirdre Snyder. “Lots and lots of it. It’s nearly always a sign of low sodium for me. I have salt-wasting from Addison’s disease.” 

Salt and vinegar chips. I have prescription anti-nausea medicine as an absolute last resort, but usually salt and vinegar chips will stop the nausea I get with migraines,” wrote Jordan Pitts.

kettle salt and vinegar chips

Buy the chips above (pack of 24) for $25.32 from Amazon.

First, I try saltine crackers and ginger ale or 7-up. They have to be saltines. People try to use graham crackers or club crackers. It doesn’t work. The saltines absorb the stomach acid. If that doesn’t work, I go to meds,” explained Courtney Vassalo Arozena.

saltine crackers

Buy the crackers above for $2.38 from Prime Pantry.

Lori J. Feldstein told us, “Believe it or not, when I get nauseated and my [medication] isn’t working, I eat a small bag of plain potato chips… maybe something about the salt or potassium, but it works magically wonderful and I’ll instantly stop vomiting.”

lays potato chips

Buy the chips above for $3.48 from Prime Pantry.

6. Inhaling Rubbing Alcohol

Karla K Eldridge said, “Taught by a nurse to open a small alcohol wipe packet and inhale through the nose to instantly stop nausea. Works.”

A little alcohol swab under the nose, inhale a few deep breaths is a great trick I learned from a nurse when I was hospitalized once. Thought it was strange when she suggested it but it works!” wrote Melisa Key.

alcohol wipes

Buy the alcohol wipes above (300-pc.) for $13.99 from Amazon.

7. Acupressure

When it’s not too bad acupressure works. Take the webbing, between your thumb and pointer finger, with your other thumb and pointer finger applying pressure and massage in a circle,” explained Michelle Bossuet.

Rebekah Bogardus said, “I use the eraser end of a pencil to apply pressure to the nausea acupressure point in the wrist. It can take up to five minutes to see if it is going to help and it does help about 50-60 percent of the time.”

“Acupressure bracelets,” recommended Sylvia Unruh Fedde. “They generally take away the worst of it and frequently I can avoid anything chemical if I get them on soon enough.”

Jocelyn Leo added, “I use pressure point bracelets. Some people may find them silly, but they can and do help a lot of people with chronic nausea. They’re two brackets, one for each wrist, with a piece that presses on the pressure point. A godsend for me!” 

Brandi Vandygriff told us, “Sea-Bands (those bands that use an acupressure point on your forearm) work for me.”

sea band acupressure bracelet

Buy the acupressure bracelet above for $7.66 from Amazon.

8. Fruit Juice or Syrup

“Peach juice,” said Lauren Furbee. “Just buy sliced peaches and drink a little of the syrup that they come in. Eat the peaches too. It really helps. Also, flat Mountain Dew and I always keep pretzels and honey roasted peanuts in my purse. I have low blood sugar so all of these things help with that as well. I recommend trying the peach syrup though I’ve tried a lot of things.”

del monte sliced peaches

Buy the peaches above (pack of 12) for $19.28 from Amazon.

Julie A Crocker told us, “I didn’t believe it for a long time but my pain psychologist said it was something his mom taught him as a child. Buy canned pears in pear juice (most brands have only in syrup so in juice is hard to find – syrup will work just not as well). If so nauseated that you are vomiting, try a teaspoon (roughly, don’t need to measure) of just the juice. If you can keep it down for few minutes keep doing. Once [you] have stopped vomiting, slowly start eating small pieces of pear with little juice. I thought it was some quack wives tale but when I don’t have any medications on hand for nausea plus I take so many medications I try to not add medications until last resort. I have heard peaches can work the same way but I was told and tried pears first so I stick to that. Years later I had a nurse tell me this trick also. She said can be pears, peaches or fruit cocktail, basically just not pineapple or acid fruits.”

diced pear fruit cups in 100% juice

Buy the pears above (pack of four) for $2.48 from Prime Pantry.

Besides cannabis, drinking a small glass of grapefruit juice seems to help with my constant nausea,” said Zak Kleipe.

simply grapefruit juice

Buy grapefruit juice for $38.88 (pack of 12) from Amazon.

9. Gelatin Water

Jen Vann added, “I sip peppermint water or gelatin water (I use double the water and don’t put it in the fridge to gel). I’m not sure why, but sometimes (when my head lets me) I’ll pace my living room and it helps settle my stomach.”

jell-o sampler pack

Buy the Jell-O sampler above (pack of 15) for $32.99 from Amazon.

10. Cooling Products

“Running cold water on the inside of my wrists when I feel sick helps, as does eating a plain cream cracker,” explained Rob Holmes. “Both work for me.”

“Ice cold water,” said Amanda Rose Page. “I wake up every day feeling nauseous and the only thing that stops it is a big glass of ice and water sipped slowly.”

blue hydroflask water bottle

Buy the water bottle above for $39.95 from Amazon.

Eileen Howard recommended, “Ice packs on the back of my neck, or under my left breast (over the stomach), usually does the trick pretty fast, unless it is insistent nausea from a major illness.”

gel ice packs

Buy the gel ice packs above for $12.99 from Amazon.

Sarah Sheridan wrote, “I feel nauseous when I sleep so using a desk fan and having it blow at my face is the only way I can sleep without being sick.”

Amanda Leigh Elke added, “I am nauseated 24/7! I tend to keep cold, usually with an ice pack or I turn on a fan. Something about the cold that makes it a little more bearable!”

black desk fan

Buy the fan above for $17.84 from Amazon.

11. Carbonated Beverages

“Sprite!” recommended Jessica Diamond. “Not the healthiest option, but it really helps me. Especially when dealing with nausea before/during eating.”


Buy the soda above (pack of 12) for $4.88 from Prime Pantry.

Jesse Megan Paige told us, “I’m nauseous pretty much 24/7. I [like] drinking carbonated water and tea (I find peppermint and rooibos most effective). I think the bubbles in the water remind me to take small sips and not overwhelm my tummy, while still keeping me hydrated.”

la croix lyme carbonated water

Buy the carbonated water above (48 cans) for $35.05 from Amazon.

Sips of tonic water when [it] just starts or Coca-Cola without the gas when throwing up,” said Olga Gonzalez. “Don’t know why [it] makes my stomach feel a bit better and calm the nausea. Go figure.”

fever tree tonic water

Buy the tonic water above (pack of 24) for $27.18 from Amazon.

Lenthe Schutten suggested, “Coca-Cola made flat with a bit of sugar (real Coca-Cola, not light). Take very small sips. About half a glass and drink enough water during the day.

coca cola

Buy the soda above for $4.88 from Prime Pantry.

12. Quease Ease

Quease Ease is an aromatic inhaler that can help calm nausea. Christine Wells told us, “[Quease Ease] works great!”

quease ease

Buy Quease Ease for $18.95 from Amazon.

13. Hot Shower

“Hot showers!” said Maureen Katherine Riefle. “Just sit under the water (literally sit on the shower floor) until either the water runs out or if you’re lucky enough to have a good/long lasting hot water supply about five minutes longer than moving makes you want to vomit.”

bath pillow with suction cups

Buy the bath pillow above for $15.38 from Amazon.

Molly Elizabeth recommended, “Peppermint shower bombs (not to be confused with bath bombs). I get mine from Rinse. They’re good to toss into a good, hot shower and just inhale. They help with nausea and the migraine both when meds aren’t cutting it.”

rinse peppermint shower bomb

Buy the shower bomb above for $5.50 from Rinse.

14. Tea

I have used most everything and travel with all my go-to meds,” Melissa Lino Fraser explained. “But if I’m on the go and nothing is working fast enough, matcha works very well. I get a green tea latte, with almond milk, either iced or hot. It soothes my roller-coaster stomach and GI tract.”

matcha green tea powder

Buy the tea powder above for $9.95 from Amazon.

Since most meds give me terrible side effects, I make a tea from sliced fresh ginger, lemon wedges, a bit of honey, and mint leaves,” Beth Heyde told us. “I also find eating plain salty chips seems to help a bit. Hydrating definitely makes a difference, but nothing ever makes it go away.”

Amy Lynn wrote, “An herbal tea called ‘Breathe Deep’ with a few drops of licorice root extract seems to help my nausea.”

yogi breathe deep tea

Buy the tea above (pack of six) for $22.99 from Amazon.

Nicole Randolph suggested, “Homemade ginger tea: I steep loose leaf green tea with a few pieces of fresh ginger. I add a touch of fresh lemon at the end. It’s lovely. I can’t do the pre-made ginger tea packets, they’re really harsh.

loose leaf green tea gunpowder green

Buy the loose leaf green tea above for $6.48 from Amazon.

Originally published: March 27, 2018
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