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15 Memes That Might Make You Laugh If Your Digestive System Is a Mess

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Does your chronic illness make your stomach churn — literally? While gastrointestinal symptoms are common among many digestive disorders, stomach and bowel symptoms aren’t limited to conditions that affect the digestive system. Digestive issues can be caused by medications you take or eating food you’re sensitive to. Even your mental health can leave you feeling crampy or nauseous. “Anxiety poops,” anyone? Needless to say, there are plenty of reasons why your stomach might be in knots.

Regardless of their cause, digestive problems can make life difficult. Symptoms can cause unexpected interruptions throughout your day, making it a struggle to keep plans or leaving you feeling self-conscious. Even when digestive symptoms become a part of everyday life — as can be the case for people with conditions like inflammatory bowel disease, gastroparesis, celiac disease, irritable bowel syndrome and cyclic vomiting syndrome — they can still be plenty disruptive.

Chances are you have your own tips and tricks for managing tough days or flares, but sometimes it helps to just laugh. Whether you delight in a “shitty” joke or pepper the poop emoji in all of your texts, normalizing bathroom conversations (and humor) can help make “awkward” situations a little less crappy.

If laughter is one of the ways you cope, these hilarious memes are for you.

1. When a trip the bathroom means taking what’s yours with ‘fire and blood.’

This pictures a toilet seat in a Game of Throne's Style throne.
via #IBD Humor on Pinterest

2. That dreaded moment after a long night in the bathroom.

This shows an empty toilet paper roll and says, "Straight Outta Toilet Paper."
via #IBD Humor on Pinterest

3. When someone thinks they understand your dietary restrictions better than you do.

should you be eating that meme
via @chronicillnessmemes on Instagram

4. When you finally reach a bathroom and can sigh with relief.

It is a picture of a toilet seat with Olaf from Frozen saying, "Let it go."
via #IBD Humor on Pinterest

5. When you make jokes to defuse a ‘crappy’ situation.

This is a photo of dogs. It says, "You ever hear of the movie 'Constipation.'" "Nope." "That's because it hasn't come out yet."
via #IBD Humor on Pinterest

6. When you can’t trust your body.

Postcard reads "They say 'always trust your gut'. Have you met my gut? You don't want to trust that bastard."
via #IBD Humor on Pinterest

7. When someone asks for your dietary restrictions.

Image of cat says, "'So like, what can't you eat?' 'It's easier to tell you what I can eat.'"
via #IBD Humor on Pinterest

8. Where you’re really working from when you work from home. 

It's an image of a toilet seat with a computer, keyboard, telephone, and fax machine attached.
via #IBD Humor on Pinterest

9. When you forget to bring your phone with you to the bathroom.

It is a postcard that says, "After spending copious amount of time in the bathroom, I have now memorized my shampoo's ingredient list."
via #IBD Humor on Pinterest

10. When the public bathroom is for single-use only.

bathroom review written on wall meme
via Cheezburger on Pinterest

11. When your favorite foods aren’t safe for your digestive system.

12. Trying to sleep when you’re doing a bowel prep.

Picture of digestive system. It reads "Oh, I'm sorry did you want to sleep tonight?" Then the word "Denied!" stamped across.
via #IBD Humor on Pinterest

13. The only meal that feels safe during a flare.

Picture of water. Image reads, "Finally a meal that won't give me cramps."
via #IBD Humor on Pinterest

14. When you take a risk and it works out for you.

Image of baby with fist. Picture reads, "Trusted a fart, was a fart."
via #IBD Humor on Pinterest

15. When someone gives you unsolicited advice… again.

Picture of man with long blonde hair. Picture reads, "One does not simply cure IBD by diet change."
via #IBD Humor on Pinterest

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Originally published: October 28, 2019
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