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22 Legging Brands People With Chronic Illness Recommend

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If you live with a chronic illness that causes pain, sensitivity, bloating, swelling or nausea, it’s not always possible to throw on a pair of jeans or slacks. Many types of pants are made with coarse material and have seams that can dig into your skin and waistbands that can press into your stomach. If your illness or pain is flaring, the last thing you need is clothes that only exacerbate your symptoms.

Leggings and yoga pants can be tight and uncomfortable for some; however, for many others in the chronic illness community, they may be the only types of pants that are bearable some days. But finding the perfect pair of leggings can be difficult. They need to be the right material, length, shape, thickness, snugness, elasticity… and it all depends on what feels best to you.

To help you in your search for soft and comfortable leggings you can wear even on your worst flare days, we asked the Mighty’s chronic illness community to share their favorite brands of leggings.  Here are their recommendations.

Just so you know, we’ve selected these links to make shopping easier for you. We do not receive any funds from purchases you make.

1. LuLaRoe

lularoe leggings

“[The] only [leggings] I have ever been able to wear are by LuLaRoe. When I’m flaring the breeze hurts my skin. Their line of leggings and some shirts and skirts are buttery soft. Unbelievable. I love them!” Elisabeth Winget Herrington told The Mighty.

I am overweight and [have] chronic pain. I am addicted to LuLaRoe clothes. They are all super soft and easy to wear so I can look presentable and comfortable even when I’m in pain,” Ronnie Sorensen said. Melinda-Donny Perkins added, “I like LuLaRoe because it doesn’t give me the uncomfortable tightness on my abdomen.”

To buy LuLaRoe clothing, find a retailer near you on this map.

2. Torrid

torrid leggings

I am a thicker female, and I prefer to get all my leggings from Torrid! The reason I love Torrid leggings is because they are very well made and in the summer they have cropped leggings that are thinner and breathable while in the winter they have full length thicker ones! Plus, it can be hard to find clothes when you are overweight and bloated constantly. My chronic illnesses cause a lot of issues with clothes for me,” Cori Bruce shared.

I just bought a nice pair front there and they are the comfiest pair I’ve bought so far. Instead of focusing on the way I look or being uncomfortable in them, I can focus on other things. One of the most important things when dealing with a chronic illness is staying comfortable… and I have never not felt comfortable in my Torrid leggings,” Emma Hooker wrote.

Buy the leggings above for $17.17 at Torrid.

3. Under Armour

under armour leggings

Kay Mehrer told The Mighty, “I love compression leggings. I have issues with my hip and they really help. Under Armour is the best I have found for the price. The material is thick enough to offer good compression and not so thick I get overheated.”

Kate B–k added, “I usually buy them at the outlets. They are so comfy, and they make many different thicknesses. They also last forever!”

Buy the leggings above for $44.99 at Under Armour.

4. Target

target mossimo leggings

“I’m pretty petite, so I tend to buy the girls’ leggings from Target. They don’t have super tight waistbands, and since they’re not too long, they don’t irritate my ankles,” Melissa Lee Mollica said.

Jess Outten said she likes “the Mossimo fold-over leggings from Target. They’re super comfy, have tons of stretch, and the fold-over makes me feel like I can hide the weight I gain during the times when my fatigue makes it impossible to exercise. I feel comfy in them but also cute!”

Buy the leggings above for $10 at Target.

5. Buskins

buskins leggings

I love them,” Brittany Umbaugh wrote. “The texture is perfect for my legs when nothing else can touch them.”

Megan Smith added, “They are super soft and comfortable and cost a lot less than LuLaRoe.”

Buy the leggings above for $18 at Buskins.

6. Gymshark

gymshark leggings

“They fit well if you are like me and are extremely underweight – no other brands make leggings small enough! They are super soft and very stretchy too. They are the best I have found by far! The sizes work too if weight is inconsistent. They range anywhere from $25 to 50 and they are a UK brand that ships easily to the US and anywhere else! Highly recommend them!” Rachel Meier said.

Buy the leggings above for $38 at Gymshark.

7. Lululemon

lululemon leggings

I’ve been gifted a few pairs of lululemons and they’re perfect for me. I know they’re very pricey. I’d never buy them for myself, but if you have a generous gift-giver in your life, I totally recommend! They have so many options with wide, high-waist bands, which I love for endometriosis pain, and they come in cozy sweater-ish knits… not to mention, they last forever!” Tyffanie Elizabeth wrote.

Nicole Carfagna added, “I use lululemon because they’re tight (which helps with POTS from a compression standpoint) and last so long! I’d rather spend a little extra if it’s something I know I’ll be wearing a lot and especially if it will help my health in any way.”

Ashley Q. Cruz recommended shopping in the “we made too much” section to find the best steals.

Buy the leggings above for $98 at Lululemon.

8. Old Navy

old navy leggings

Sarah Elizabeth said, “They’re almost always on sale, they don’t get ruined in the wash and they don’t rip. I wear them almost every day because of how comfortable they are. I have thick legs and it’s difficult to find leggings that fit me well/aren’t see through.”

“They are affordable, good quality, breathe well and come in a variety of sizes as well as fun patterns that always make me look a bit more put together than I feel,” Abby Mancini added.

Buy the leggings above for $12.94 at Old Navy.

9. Simple Addiction

polka dot leggings from simple addiction

Stephanie Peters said Simple Addiction “has amazing leggings and they are super affordable! $7.95 for solid colors. They feel very similar to LuLaRoe leggings but a fraction of the cost!”

Buy the leggings above for $9.95 at Simple Addiction.

10. Danskin

danskin leggings

I like Danskin because they’re affordable and comfortable! I don’t like compression style leggings, so these are more comfortable for me,” Liberty White said.

Liz Campbell said, “They have a wicking line, too, and they’re super affordable at Marshall’s, TJ Maxx and Walmart.”

Buy the leggings above for $32 at Danskin.

11. Fabletics

fabletics leggings

Steffani DiPilato said, “I love using Fabletics leggings! They have compression leggings that are great when my legs start to swell up. The fabric is also comfortable, so they are not terrible to be in, even when I’m in pain.”

Christiana Hays added, “I like how you can change the hem length on most styles. No more rolled leggings!”

Buy the leggings above for $19.97 on Fabletics.

12. VIV collection on Amazon

viv collection leggings

“Huge fan of VIV Collection on Amazon,” Melly Ann told The Mighty. “Soft and stretchy. And around $12 a pair!”

Buy the leggings above for $11.99 on Amazon.

13. Agnes & Dora

agnes and dora leggings

Kelly Lyn Williams wrote, “Agnes & Dora is a quality line. Similar to LuLaRoe but more variety in styles and if you find a pattern you like you can order it.”

Traci Rodda added, “Agnes & Dora leggings are my absolute favorite. They are super soft and don’t wear out too fast.”

Buy the leggings above for $22 by finding a representative near you.

14. Black Milk Clothing

black milk leggings

Lindsay Shechosky told us, “Black Milk leggings are so awesome. They have a great selection of styles, fabrics and patterns. There are even leggings that are fleece-lined (and have pockets) which are amazing for fall and winter flares. Some of the styles very easily pass as pants if you need to dress more formally for work. My favorite pair is a cropped/capri style in deep blue velvet. They’re easy to pair with loafers and a long and flowy blouse for a put-together but comfortable look.”

Buy the leggings above for $60 at Black Milk.

15. LC Lauren Conrad

LC lauren conrad leggings

Deborah Wagner wrote, “For me it’s about the fabric content. The more cotton the better. I like Lauren Conrad from Kohl’s. If there is rayon or polyester it makes my skin burn. I have allodynia and clothing options are so limited.”

Buy the leggings above for $14.99 at Kohl’s.

16. Spalding

spalding leggings

Spalding. I buy them off Amazon. The brand is great; they’re sturdy and long lasting. They have everything from ankle length leggings to bike shorts or capris. I love this brand,” Rachel Kaminski said.

Buy the leggings above for $18.99 on Amazon.

17. She’s Got Leggs

she's got leggs leggings

I’ve never had such comfortable pants in my life, and they stretch to accommodate swelling, bloating, weight gain. She isn’t kidding when she says the same pair will fit a size 0 and a size 12! I’ve met the business owner in person, and this is an amazing company!” Tori Hathaway said. “These pants are worth every penny and never lose their elasticity or become saggy. 100 percent recommend.”

Buy the leggings above for $20 at She’s Got Leggs.

18. Joe Boxer

joe boxer leggings from kmart

Sabriyah Shahbandy said, “Honestly and truthfully, Kmart’s Joe Boxer leggings are the best thing ever. Not just the price, but they are so soft and they fit like a second skin, like somebody has wrapped you in shea butter! I absolutely love them.”

Buy the leggings above for $11.98 at Kmart.

19. Charlotte Russe

charlotte russe leggings

Jessann Marie Eaker wrote, “Leggings are my life! I literally live in them. With pelvic, back and abdominal pain, I can’t tolerate jeans anymore. My favorite leggings are ‘high-waisted’ from Charlotte Russe. They’re 95 percent cotton and 5 percent spandex so they’re super stretchy. I can fold them over and it feels like I’m wearing yoga pants without the tag showing, and no lines.”

Buy the leggings above for $6 at Charlotte Russe.

20. Cuddl Duds

cuddl duds leggings

They can be used as long johns (thermal undergarments), active wear or cute leggings. I have problems with temperature regulation, and their leggings and thermal tops are breathable enough but somehow warm enough for however I’m feeling that moment,” Amber Nieves said.

Buy the leggings above for $36 on Cuddl Duds.

21. Tuff Athletics

tuff athletics leggings from costco

“Tuff Athletics! I get them from Costco seasonally. It’s a Canadian brand very similar to Lululemon that is way cheaper and washes really well! Plus the slim pocket in the waistband is perfect for my other brain (iPhone),” Michelle Simko wrote.

Buy the leggings above for $13.99 at Costco.

22. Adidas

adidas leggings

Adidas stretchy leggings and yoga pants are so wonderful! Comfortable, stylish, bright and unique, excellent quality, not too pricey and the softness can’t be beat,” Sami Jo Stoecker said.

Buy the leggings above for $50 at Adidas.

Have a brand of leggings you’d recommend? Let us know in the comments below.

Originally published: August 11, 2017
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