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7 Lush Body Care Products That Are Perfect for Spoonies

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Oh, Lush. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways!

For some of us, it’s a straight-up assault on the senses. Lush is one of my favorite stores in the world, the perfect place to take a load off and get a free hand massage. As a former Lush employee and long time fan of the brand, I have had lots of success and misadventures with some of their more niche products. Some of the products I have listed are more suited to spoonie lifestyles than most other beauty or health items, especially for my vegan friends, and have an amazing track record for being cruelty-free and friendly to the environment.

As a note, the products that I will be including are based solely on my personal experiences and my product knowledge from my Lush training, as well as recommendations I have received from customers. I am not partnered with Lush, even though that would be amazing!


Lush has an amazing spread of facial cleansers year-round that address a variety of skin concerns, but today I will be discussing two: Ultrabland and 9-to-5. Both rich, moisturizing, and requiring no water for use, these cleansers have been amazing at allowing me to practice some degree of self-care on days where I was stuck in bed. Ultrabland is similar in consistency to a cold cream, while 9-to-5 is a cleansing lotion perfect for removing makeup. Both have mild scents and work wonderfully on my sensitive skin for a gentle and thorough clean.

Body Conditioners

As one of the newest products from Lush, the body conditioners are my absolute favorites. They are reminiscent of an in-shower lotion; pop it on for a minute, rinse off, and you’re freshly moisturized. Days where I chide myself for not being able to last a full shower are now saved by this routine, as I can perform the task while sitting on the shower floor within five minutes. I may not feel 100 percent, but smelling like roses (my preferred scent of the lineup) certainly helps my mood.

Fun Multi-Use Soap

Though this product is marketed towards kids, Fun is one of my all-time favorites for the same reason that my youngest customers love it. The moldable soap is multi-colored and can be used as everything from shampoo to bubble bath to shaving cream (life hack: use this to shave your legs, and never miss a spot again). The scent is mild enough to be inoffensive, yet lingers nicely without any sticky films. You’ll get the full candy-scented bubbly experience without the irritation of some of Lush’s more intense ingredients.

Magic Crystals Body Scrub

I will admit, I did initially only notice Magic Crystals Body Scrub because of its beautiful purple color. The scrub is made with Epsom salts and a tingly mint infusion that’s perfect for sore muscles and joints, and fine enough for sensitive skin. Rubbing a little of this concoction into my knees and hips feels like heaven after a long day of movement, and the soft, minty-fresh skin that’s left behind is just an added bonus.

Wiccy Magic Muscles

As far as massage bars go, Lush has yet to fail me. Wiccy Magic Muscles has a spicy clove-like smell, as well as tiny beans that get right to work offering a many-angled massage while you moisturize. While I wouldn’t recommend this product for anyone with especially sensitive skin, Wiccy is perfect for those with poor circulation and POTS, as the warming properties of the bar promote blood flow during your mini-spa treatment.

Dream Cream Body Lotion

As one of the gentlest body lotions offered by the store, Dream Cream is an incredible option for those with sensitive skin or ailments such as eczema. The lavender and oat formula means super gentle moisture and a matte finish. I use this lotion on every rough spot after my bath, and will even swap out my usual face moisturizer for the tub of Dream Cream when I break out and need a break from heavier oils.

Volcano Foot Mask

Quite possibly one of the most underrated products on my list, the Volcano mask works wonders after a long day of standing, walking, or chronic leg and foot pain. Leave it on for twenty minutes (I do this in the bath) and rinse for smooth, soft, and relieved feet. The mud and tomato base works well to deodorize and detox the skin, while loads of essential oils work their magic to promote blood flow and ease any painful spots.

Getty image by Zhenikeyev.

Originally published: December 27, 2020
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