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20 Memes You Might Enjoy If You Take a Lot of Medication

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Editor's Note

Please see a doctor before starting or stopping a medication.

When you live with a chronic illness, mental illness or disability, it’s possible you’ll need to take medication at some point or another – and for many, the list of prescriptions you’re given can sometimes feel endless. Although it’s important to take any medications your doctor has prescribed to you as directed, it can be difficult to be on be on a lot of meds at the same time. Staying organized and remembering which day/time you’re supposed to take them can be a challenge – especially if you struggle with brain fog. Monitoring changes and side effects can also be tough since it’s not always easy to tell which medication (or which illness!) is causing the symptoms you’re experiencing.

Despite the frustrations that can come from taking a lot of medication, sometimes a bit of humor can be found in the situation. (As a woman in my early 20s who “looks” mostly healthy, I imagine it’s a comical sight to see me sorting through a mountain of pill bottles and filling up my weekly pill organizer every Sunday night. Even my grandparents didn’t take as much medication as I currently do!)

If laughter helps you cope with the challenges and stress of life with illness, you may enjoy the following memes about what it’s like to take a lot of medication.

1. When the brain fog hits:

when you can't remember if you took your meds
via @supportforspoonies Instagram

2. When you accidentally taste your medication:

when you trying to take a pill and it touches your tongue and you taste it
via @mapleroe Twitter

3. When you have to brace yourself for the trials of starting a new medication:

the face you make when your doctor says 'let's try this new medicine'
via @BNightsCRPS Twitter

4. When the side effects are never positive:

why are there never any good side effects? just once I'd like to read a medication bottle that says, 'may cause extreme sexiness'
via @Marinmaid Twitter

5. When it feels like you consume more pills than food or water:

i'm like 15% water and 85% pills
via @impossiblybossy Instagram

6. When your medication causes more side effects than your disease:

cartoon of a man in a hospital bed telling the nurse, "I stopped taking the medicine because I preferred the original disease to the side effects"
via Sidney Harris

7. When you’re a frequent flier at the pharmacy:

when the pharmacist knows you on a first name basis
via @chronicillnessmemes Instagram

8. When your list of medications feels endless:

list off my medications?? ain't nobody got time for dat!
via @lifewithcrohns Instagram

9. When your medication finally starts working:

that feeling when the pain meds kick in
via @CrohnsWorld Twitter

10. When it feels like your doctor is always prescribing more medications:

I got pills, they're multiplying
via @MetacarolineR Twitter

11. When you’re sorting your pills and have exactly as many as you need:

pouring pills into your hand for the pill organizer, and it's the exact amount you need

12. When you want to be patient at the pharmacy but you really need your meds:

baby wearing a tuxedo saying 'fill my prescription and fill it now'
via @pharmacymemes Instagram

13. When your extensive medical history makes you feel like an honorary pharmacist:

how I feel explaining to my friends which drugs are not safe to mix, long and short term effects, and general cautions to watch out for
via @raveligious Inspicks

14. When you’re trying to pronounce the name of your medication:

me trying to say generic drug names

15. When you’re never sure if you took your meds:

when you can't remember if you actually took a medication or just thought about it
via Julie Jones Pinterest

16. When you have a limited supply of pain meds on hand:

trying to conserve pain meds like
via @chronically_kari Instagram

17. When you’re trying to navigate taking countless medications without any of them interacting:

drug interactions... drug interactions everywhere

18. When you struggle to swallow your pills:

when your pill starts to melt in your mouth
via @chronicallyillfighters Instagram

19. When you’ve just paid for your monthly medications:

I don't know how much is in my bank account... and at this point, I'm too afraid to ask
via theCHIVE

20. When your nightstand is basically a mini pharmacy:

nightstand or personal pharmacy
via @EndEndoForever Twitter
Originally published: March 7, 2018
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