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If Your Health Condition Makes You a Pro Napper, These 18 Memes Are for You

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As someone who struggles with both chronic and mental health issues, naps are an integral part of my life. I remember one summer when I was 14, my physical health issues (then undiagnosed and totally untreated) were flaring massively, causing debilitating pain and fatigue, and that was leading to a lot of depression as well. I couldn’t exactly “do” much, so I would literally wake up, shuffle to the couch, and nap the entire day until it was time to go to move back to bed for “real” sleep.

Napping may not be the most “exciting” thing to do, and those of us with health conditions may or may not wake up feeling refreshed afterwards, but sometimes taking a nap can be a necessary break for our bodies and minds.

If finding the humor in life with a health condition helps you cope, check out the following memes that nail what it’s like to be a professional napper. If you basically live in “The Napping House,” you may relate!


5 mins into tryna do anything and my body hits me with the: hand pressing button that says 'nap'
via @crohnsiscray Instagram


shoutout to everyone who got through the day without taking a nap. pulled an all-dayer today. pretty rough.
via @sams_fly_memes Instagram


me looking at a nap, while 'multiple pressing matters and responsibilities' is jilted
via @sleepforweekzzz Instagram


me at 4 in the afternoon when my friends are calling my phone: manatee sleeping on the floor of the ocean
via @little_memes17 Instagram


me 99% of the time: woman yawning
via yermemeblog Tumblr


*wakes up from nap* someone: damn, you take so many naps. me: you done? cause i'm about to take another nap
via @spicyferrets Instagram


"maybe you'd feel better if you got out of bed and did something" me: *man sleeping in the clouds*
via @sleepforweekzzz Instagram


Spoonie problem #534: finding it easy to nap, but really difficult to sleep
via nealedenaro Tumblr


I hate when people ask me "what did you do today?" like buddy listen I was up at noon and then it was five pm okay I don't know
via @fibro_warriors Instagram


"so tell my about yourself" "I have to rest for 20 hours a day"
via @dolly_diagnosis Instagram


my mother introducing me to people: woman holding a sloth and saying 'this animal sleep its whole life away'
via @just_spoonie_things Instagram


when you're ready to nap at any given moment: woman wearing a pillow attached to her head
via @instameming Instagram


"you can't be that tired!" dis. a. gree.
via chronicallyjessica Tumblr


you ever sleep so hard... that when you wake up... you need another nap... just from sleeping so hard...
via @ashlifts Instagram


when you say you're going to take an hour nap and wake up 10 hours later
via @apptwyce Instagram


how i sleep during a 3-hour depression nap in the middle of the day vs how i sleep at night
via cashassasss Tumblr


In the middle of a taxing conversation Them: So you need to - Me: Excuse me, can I just stop you for a minute? Them: Okay? Me: Great, thanks. [ pulls out a pillow, settles down, and falls asleep ]
via disabilityhealth Tumblr


other people after a nap: so refreshed! ready for the rest of the day! me after a nap: oh nooooo
via buzzfeeduk Tumblr
Originally published: September 27, 2018
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