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7 Work-From-Home Jobs You Can Apply for This March

Last month, I shared tips for managing stress. Little did I know that February was going to be the most stressful month I’ve had in a long time. Like millions of people, I was without power for a full week in Texas. I missed work, I missed a driver’s license appointment and even missed my monthly blood draw. When the lights came back on, the stress didn’t turn off.

I did practice what I preached in my last article: I went back to the basics. This past week, I’ve made an effort to get outside each day, even just for 30 minutes. I forgot how curing nature can be — and how taking a break from my screen is necessary. If you’re like me (aka a millennial), you spend your entire waking hours looking at a screen. Not only is this bad for your eyes, but it can significantly impact your productivity.

Let’s talk about productivity. Being productive is hard on its own — now add a chronic illness on top of it. Some days, you might be able to conquer your entire inbox or read a whole book. Other days, being productive might just mean getting out of bed and washing your face. We all have stuff to do, and losing a day (or a few hours) due to your illness may send you into panic mode. It’s important to remind ourselves that we don’t have to conquer the world in a single day, and that having a chronic illness doesn’t mean that conquering your goals is impossible.

I’d like to share how I’ve shifted my mindset in an effort to avoid these panic modes. As a business owner, there is never enough time in the day. I used to create “to-do lists,” but the “to-do’s” would start to pile up and I would never make it through the list. I was so hyper-fixated on the list and all of the things I couldn’t accomplish. I read an article somewhere online about switching from “to-do lists” to “success lists.” I thought it sounded ridiculous, but I decided to give it a try. Each day, I would write down what I was able to accomplish. Some days, the list would be longer than the day before, some days it would be shorter. But I now had a list to be proud of.

Again, I’m not a guru or an expert by any means. I’m just here to share tips and tricks that have helped me along the way. Oh, and jobs!  If you are new to these monthly articles, my name is Hannah Olson and I’m the founder of Chronically Capable, a digital talent marketplace and community that connects chronically ill and disabled jobseekers to inclusive employers. We have always believed in the importance of creating space for the chronically ill and disabled to work and excel at their jobs without feeling like they have to sacrifice their health. Now, we’re working on getting employers across the globe to join us in actively supporting our community! 

If you want to keep up with our work and our job opportunities, be sure to sign up for our newsletter or check out our Instagram to stay updated! On that note, I’d love to share seven remote work opportunities available this March.

1. Animoto

I first heard of Animoto in high school when I was charged to make an animated video for a project. Now, they are an inclusive employer partner on Chronically Capable! Small world, huh? Not only is this a diverse company, but they are 100% remote and even give you a budget to set up your home office. They offer 100% health insurance coverage, equity, 401k contribution and catch this — a $600 subscription budget. Netflix for days am I right!? 

The Details: 

How To Find Other Remote Animoto Jobs:

Visit Animoto’s employer profile on Chronically Capable to view its (flexible) open positions or check out the company’s career page

2. Open Classrooms

I have been privileged to have incredible education opportunities, but I recognize that many people do not have this same access. Open Classrooms is making education accessible — to everyone. Their online platform offers education-to-employment programs and career coaching services for students worldwide. So if you’re currently in a transition phase, this company may be the perfect fit for you! They offer meal vouchers, unlimited time off, flexible timetables and insurance for you (and your family!). 

The Details: 

How To Find Other Remote Open Classrooms Jobs:

Visit Open Classrooms’ career page to view open jobs. The company is based in Paris with remote opportunities worldwide.

3. Horizon Therapeutics

As someone with a chronic illness, I always hoped to see medical and biotechnical companies hiring people like me. Horizon Therapeutics is committed to hiring people with chronic illnesses and disabilities, and has embedded this mission in their company culture. They care deeply for the patients they serve, and also for their employees who make their important work possible. Horizon Therapeutics offers competitive health benefits, paid time off and a 401k match, among other unique perks. While their HQ is in Dublin, they do have remote roles available based in the U.S. 

The Details: 

How To Find Other Remote Horizon Therapeutics Jobs:

To view more openings, visit the company’s employer profile on Chronically Capable.

4. Doist

I’m obviously a remote-work fan (hence the company and the list I’m writing). Doist shares my same belief — and has been remote-first since Day 1. On their careers page, they lay the application process out for you: a level of transparency I haven’t seen before! My favorite perk of working at Doist is that you can create your own hours, which is so important for people living with chronic illness. They offer generous PTO, a health and wellness budget (for insurance, healthy snacks, etc), a coworking space stipend, a subscription budget and more.

The Details: 

How To Find Other Remote Doist Jobs:

Visit the company’s career page to explore remote opportunities.

5. Veho

One of my pet peeves is waiting weeks for a package to arrive. Veho offers next day package delivery for $5. Speedy, huh? Veho is on a mission to reinvent shipping, and I’m here for it! Unfortunately, they don’t list anything about benefits or salary on their careers page, but they are 100% remote and have a range of roles from customer support to operations to training. 

The Details: 

How To Find Other Remote Veho Jobs:

Visit the company’s career page to explore remote opportunities.

6. Happy Mammoth

We all love health and wellness companies… right? When I was in the depths of my battle with Lyme, I struggled with my gut. I hated having stomach issues on top of my other symptoms. Well, Happy Mammoth is making natural formulas so people around the world can take back control of their bodies. They offer competitive salaries and free access to books and resources. I can’t find any information as to what the benefits are but don’t hesitate to ask the hiring manager during your interview!

The Details: 

How To Find Other Happy Mammoth Jobs:

Visit Happy Mammoth’s Glassdoor page to view open, remote roles.

7. Webflow

A few years ago, I had no idea how to build a website from scratch. I then picked up WordPress, followed by Squarespace and then found Webflow. Webflow is making it possible for the “average Joe” to make a beautiful and dynamic website. I can attest that the platform is fabulous — and the company culture sounds just as great. With an HQ in San Francisco, more than half the team is remote across the globe. The company invests in their employees’ physical and mental well-being with health, dental and vision benefits and a monthly stipend for health and wellness expenses. And potentially the coolest benefit I’ve ever seen… they will give you a $1,000 bonus for taking your first vacation that is more than 5 days!

The Details: 

How To Find Other Remote Webflow Jobs:

Visit Webflow’s career page and pick an opening that catches your eye — all jobs can be done remotely.

Want to learn more about Chronically Capable? Sign up and see what other job opportunities are available through its website.

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