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You Know You're a Spoonie When...

Living with a chronic illness can be incredibly hard to deal with and challenging at times. But fear not, you aren’t the only one!

Here are a few things only us spoonies will know:

1. Spoons

Being a spoonie means you have to use your “spoons” carefully and make choices every day with the limited energy you have.

You know you’re a spoonie when you have to choose between getting dressed, or eating breakfast!

2. Fatigue

Fatigue is so much more then just being tired. This is one of the hardest things to get across to healthy people as they cannot imagine the kind of fatigue we experience. It can often feel like having the flu, running a marathon and being hit by a bus. All in the same day. People also describe it as feeling constantly exhausted, heavy limbs and walking through quicksand.

You know you’re a spoonie when you have to rest after taking a shower.

3. Napping

Napping can soon become an essential part of your spoonie routine to help recharge a little bit of energy to function for the simplest of tasks, and to possible relieve some symptoms.

You know you’re a spoonie when you need a nap after getting out of bed.

4. Brain Fog

Most people can have days where they’re a bit forgetful, but for some brain fog is a very real, problematic symptom that impacts their daily lives. Brain fog can cause people to struggle with things like finding words, holding a conversation, thinking clearly, remembering things, mix up word and phrases, etc.

You know you’re a spoonie when you accidentally take your medications twice.

Or eat lunch twice as you forgot you already ate.

Or forget what you’re saying half way through a conversation.

5. Weekend Plans

As a Spoonie your idea of weekend plans are usually not considered “exciting” or “fun” by other people, but to you it sure is!

You know you’re a Spoonie when your favourite weekend plans consist of Netflix, bed, chocolate, blanket, pajamas, cozy socks and your pet or cuddly teddy. Its what Friday nights are meant for…if you’re chronically ill. You probably also own more pajamas than actual clothes!

6. Medication

Spoonies tend to have a lot of meds to take on a daily basis to help relieve symptoms or combat their condition(s).

You know you’re a spoonie when you have enough medications to open your own chemist!

7. Unsolicited Medical Advice

“Have you tried ____?”

“My cousin’s friend’s aunt had that. She tried  ____ and now she’s cured!”

“If you just think positively, you’ll feel better!”

We’ve heard it all. Yes, we’ve tried yoga. No, I’m not better. That’s not how it works, we really wish it was though! Our chronic illnesses cannot be cured by exercise, diet or the latest fitness trend that “cured” your yoga instructor’s friend’s niece.

You know you’re a spoonie when everyone around you suddenly becomes a doctor when they hear you have a chronic illness.

8. Unqualified Medical Specialist

Us Spoonies work tirelessly (or fatigued-ly) researching our conditions, treatments, medications, tracking new symptoms, self-diagnosing, gaining supporting evidence, informing (some) doctors of our illnesses and keeping up to date with the latest medical news and advancements.

You know you’re a spoonie when your doctor confirms your self-diagnosis…after reading all of your supporting evidence.

We are also often thought of as the first point of contact for medical advice with family and friends, as we do have a great knowledge of medical conditions and medications. You know exactly what that weird rash is on your cousins arm.

9. Being a Profession Patient

With having a chronic illness, often people have to work part time, make adjustments or give up work completely to become a professional patient. As a professional patient, you have a fantastic knowledge and experience of medical conditions, treatments, therapies, alternative medicine, medications, hospitals, doctors, nurses,medical professionals, scheduling and attending appointments, researching your medical conditions in depth and keeping up with related news.

You know you’re a spoonie when your doctor insists you book double appointments from now on.

Getty Image by karandaev

This story originally appeared on Liverpool Spoonie.

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