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16 Texts People With Chronic Illnesses Would Love to Get After Canceling Plans

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Nobody likes to have to cancel plans, but for many people who live with chronic illnesses, it’s a regular part of life. Having an unpredictable condition means you can’t always make it out of the house, even when you want to. Some friends get it and will always be happy to reschedule, but unfortunately not everyone understands.

We asked our readers to tell us some texts they’d love to get, instead of silence or frustrated replies, when they have to cancel plans due to illness. If you’re ever unsure how to respond to your friend’s last-minute cancellation, we hope one of these sparks an idea.

This is what they had to say: 


I'm not feeling well. Going to have to cancel tonight. I'm coming over and bringing take out and bad movies. Do you need me to bring anything else? Chocolate maybe?
If You’re Flappy And You Know It Facebook page


I'm sorry but I won't be able to make make it tonight. I totally understand. Your health is so important. I will check in with you later to see how you're feeling.
Christianne McCall


I'm not feeling well and I have to cancel our plans. No problem! I'll be around shortly to make sure you have all you need. Can I pick anything up for you?
Tracie McIntosh


I know we made plans today but I'm just not up to it anymore. Sorry. I'm coming over to take your kids for a few hours while you take a nap.
Crystal Parsons-Bateman


I'm having one of my bad days. I have to cancel on our plans. I'm sorry today is difficult. I'm coming over with soup and a movie. I'm taking your dog for a walk. I love you and I'm only a text away.
Maria Thomas


I'm not going to be able to make it tonight after all. Tell everyone I'm sorry. No worries, but we're going to miss you. Just take care of yourself and let us know if we can we do anything.
Alyssa Milletti


I have to bail on our plans because I'm not feeling well. I know you wanted to keep our plans and that you aren't flaking out. I know that you're probably hurting emotionally and physically right now. Please know that I'll always be your friend, even when you need your space.
Mandy Malloy


I don't think I'll be able to come tonight. I'm just not up to it. That's OK. Are you up for a visit and maybe some really good [insert dessert of choice here]? I'll even sweeten the deal and do your laundry while we hang out.
Karen Lyons


I'm so sorry to cancel last minute, but I'm not feeling well. I am your friend in health or sickness, sadness or joy, wealth or poorness. Tell me if you need anything, and if you don't, I'll be right here loving you. Always.
Fabiana Fabis


I can't make it tonight. I feel so bad for bailing. Don't ever feel guilty for canceling or saying, 'no.' Only you know how much you can handle. I'd rather you miss this if it means you might start feeling better.
Pamela Jessen


Really not feeling well right now. Sorry but have to cancel our plans. It's not your fault. No need to apologize. let me know when you're feeling up to it and we can do something then.
Monica Jean Cozadd


I just can't bring myself to join you tonight. I know you would be here if you could. I'll be sure to invite you next time.
Tina Dawn Leon


I have to cancel our plans. I'm staying in bed today. Do you want me to drop you off some Starbucks on my way out to do errands?
Alisha Haskett


I can't make dinner. I have to stay in tonight. I'm not feeling well. I'm putting on my pajamas and heading over with pizza. If all you can do is nap, then I will nap with you like little kids again.
Jaclyn Kulfan


I have to cancel our plans. I'm having one of the bad days. What can I do for you?
Colette Manley




I won't be able to make it. Sorry to have to cancel. It's all right. Tell you what, when you're feeling up to it, I will drop my plans, and we'll do something together, even if it's just a quick lunch or coffee.
Victoria Shepard Hollingsworth


 17 Texts People With Chronic Illnesses Would Love to Get After Canceling Plans

Originally published: February 1, 2016
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