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To the Parents of a Child With Chronic Illness

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Thank you!

You may think we don’t see or know what it’s like for you. But there are so many things, big and little, you do to help us through. Sometimes you may not even notice what they are.

Sorry you have to watch us wired up and not be able to do anything in your power to help us. Perhaps you pray, or you sit by us and read a book or watch as we take every little breath. Please know that we see and feel you.

Thank you to my mom for encouraging me to accept the reality but search for the beauty. For being that constant shoulder to cry on and wiping away my tears when I think I can longer cope. For bringing me edamame beans every time I come out of surgery because salt is the only thing that helps.

Thank you for enduring sleepless nights just so you can be by my side. For the times when you think you know better than the professionals because you’ve “been there and done that” so many times. For helping me shower and dress, taking care of my wounds and massaging my pain. For putting a smile on my face at any given time and reminding me that the illness doesn’t control me, I control it.

Thank you to my dad for always pulling a brave face, even though I know that deep down you’re falling apart. For making me laugh when I thought I had no more laughter in me, and for being the first one to tell a joke or pull out the crossword puzzles when treatment starts. For watching “Matilda” with me 100 times in a row because you know that’s all I want to do.

Thank you for carrying me down to every operation because I don’t like being taken in my bed, and thank you for holding my hand while I’m put to sleep. “I’ll see you later,” you say.

To all parents out there going through this every single day, helping fight battles no one should have to — thank you!

Thank you for being strong for the rest of the family, holding it all together and keeping it all running, even when you feel like your whole world is falling apart. For the times you have sat and cried, or thought you were the only one, know that we understand. If we could make it go away, we would, but thank you for hiding it and helping us carry on.

It can’t be easy, but you are the reason we’re here and able to overcome and bounce back from the challenges we face. Without you, we are nothing.

There are times we become so wrapped up in what’s happening to us that we don’t have time to glance over and see the pain it causes you, too Know that we see and feel your pain, but we look over and only see the true heroes you are.

Thank you for being the parent of a child with chronic illness.


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Originally published: August 14, 2015
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