Hello everyone!

I would like to discuss about that topics:

having different ideas, constructive criticism, and communication.

i saw too many times people shout at each other, and insult each other just to prove their point...

I feel like our society has lost, or has never had, the capacity to discuss different opinions!

Even there, in the mighty, i saw a lot of hate, many angry comments everywhere.

In my last post i recieved hate for for my believes, i didn't get offended, but i felt sad for the fact that we can't communicate when we approach someone who say things we do not share.

I felt sad beacouse i know that behind anger there's suffering, i've been there!

After fighting bullies all my life i had to face my own insecurities and often i became aggressive towards everything i didn't believe was right.

But after putting in some work, and developing awarness, i realized that i could have a great conversation with those who disagree with me, and those i disagree with.

Actually, i learned much more from these discussion than from the more agreeable one!!

I gently ask you to respect opinions you disagree with, either by skipping or by expressing your ideas in a civil way!

We can improve the society, we can build a better community, it all starts within us.

You may disagree with me, and it's fine 😁, in that case feel free to say what you think about it!

Feel free to constructively criticize me for everything you want, i may learn from your opinions and improve!

That's how we grow :)

---- Moreover, and more importantly, i ask you, please, to have that approach with everyone else, not only in the mighty but with everyone in your life! ----

If you arrived there, thank you for reading!

You may decide to comment, or to skip, both fine!

I just appreciate that you spent some time to read this post 😊

That said, i hope that this may generate an interesting, and civil conversation!

Peace ☮️

#Communication #constructivecriticism #differentideas