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A Disney Day

<p>A Disney Day</p>
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People see me differently now; Did they not listen this whole time? I’m lost, confused, and frustrated.

I’ve been out of work for 6 months or so (long story l, work didn’t know COVID, put pressure on us, we didn’t know COVID so it was hell trying to work then add on my brain). As I’m trying to get healthy again so I can get a job and such, I feel like everyone sees me differently. Since I don’t do much, I’m open, you can see me more clearly even if you have no idea what’s going on inside. My friend gets mad when I don’t answer the phone. It triggers panic attacks so I always have it on silent, nothing is different. She says my communication is off and that she’s not sure if she can tell me thinks because she’s not sure if I’ll be there. This hurts me greatly. I don’t do things like this on purpose. She texted me last night for a bit, all was fine. I took my night medicine and it doesn’t take that long to kick in. She called and texted me for homework help at midnight but my medicine got to me first. I’ll contact her tomorrow but it hurts to think I’m hurting someone from something that I have no control on. Health first.

Then the same for my family. They’re seeing more symptoms than they would when I’m at work most of the day. I keep telling everyone symptoms and how it effects me but it seems like im on a caroseul, spinning and spinning. All of this is not ready. It makes me feel intense anxiety to just exist in my body. I don’t want people mad at me. I’m human, too, but just need a little extra care. #Bipolar1Disorder #Communication #Anxiety #Stress #ADHD

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One of the hardest words for me to understand #Autism #Communication

As a heterosexual woman, I find it somewhat confusing when someone asked me, "Do you think he (referring to a male peer of a similar age) is cute? Like are they asking if I think
1. Does the guy fits society's standards of attractiveness?
2. Is he not ugly?
3. Is he my type?
4. Would I consider dating the guy?
5. Does he make me laugh and smile?
6. Do I have a crush on him?
7. Is he the type of person who I'd want to impress?
Or is it something totally different?

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How do I tell my therapist if I'm having some concerns about therapy?

<p>How do I tell my therapist if I'm having some concerns about therapy?</p>
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Happy National ASL Day!

<p>Happy National ASL Day!</p>
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<p>OH MY GOSH!</p>
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Kinds of Defensiveness (we all do it!)

<p>Kinds of Defensiveness (we all do it!)</p>
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Respecting different ideas, constructive criticism

Hello everyone!

I would like to discuss about that topics:

having different ideas, constructive criticism, and communication.

i saw too many times people shout at each other, and insult each other just to prove their point...

I feel like our society has lost, or has never had, the capacity to discuss different opinions!

Even there, in the mighty, i saw a lot of hate, many angry comments everywhere.

In my last post i recieved hate for for my believes, i didn't get offended, but i felt sad for the fact that we can't communicate when we approach someone who say things we do not share.

I felt sad beacouse i know that behind anger there's suffering, i've been there!

After fighting bullies all my life i had to face my own insecurities and often i became aggressive towards everything i didn't believe was right.

But after putting in some work, and developing awarness, i realized that i could have a great conversation with those who disagree with me, and those i disagree with.

Actually, i learned much more from these discussion than from the more agreeable one!!

I gently ask you to respect opinions you disagree with, either by skipping or by expressing your ideas in a civil way!

We can improve the society, we can build a better community, it all starts within us.

You may disagree with me, and it's fine 😁, in that case feel free to say what you think about it!

Feel free to constructively criticize me for everything you want, i may learn from your opinions and improve!

That's how we grow :)

---- Moreover, and more importantly, i ask you, please, to have that approach with everyone else, not only in the mighty but with everyone in your life! ----

If you arrived there, thank you for reading!

You may decide to comment, or to skip, both fine!

I just appreciate that you spent some time to read this post 😊

That said, i hope that this may generate an interesting, and civil conversation!

Peace ☮️

#Communication #constructivecriticism #differentideas

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Happy New Years!!#

I just wanted to say Thank You to all of you who have commented liked and shared your stories this year! I know it s so very hard sometimes to open up and express all of what we are feeling or thinking…. I feel very honored that you’ve chosen to share with me! May2022 be OUR year!! be safe my friends and keep in touch!! #NewYears #Communication #sharingfeelings